Michael Lorenzen Parents: Who Are Clif And Cheryl Lorenzen?

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American professional baseball player Michael Lorenzen had a difficult childhood. Despite growing up with amazing siblings, Lorenzen faced many problems because of their parent’s drug and alcohol abuse.

At one point, Michael also began using drugs, but fortunately, he left it all for good after renewing his faith in God when he was 17.

His father used to spend time playing baseball with him and his brothers, however, he has no idea how his dad turned out to be a troubled man.

Despite all these bad things, Michael believes his father played a part in shaping his career and feels sorry for his father.

American Baseball Pitcher And Outfielder Michael Lorenzen
American Baseball Pitcher And Outfielder Michael Lorenzen (Source: NBC Sports)

Michael Lorenzen was born in Anaheim and remembers playing baseball since he was a little kid.

As his dad and older brothers loved the game, he, too, learned it and often spent his leisure time throwing the ball.

The Tampa Bay Rays selected him in the seventh round of the 2010 MLB draft, but he chose to play collegiate baseball for some years before going professional.

Consequently, Michael played college baseball for Cal State Fullerton Titans and was among the finalists for the John Olerud Award in 2012.

In 2013, the Cincinnati Red chose him as the 38th overall pick in that year’s draft. Lorenzen made his MLB debut for them on April 29, 2015, against Milwaukee Brewers.

Michael Lorenzen Parents And Family

Michael Lorenzen was born as the youngest son to his parents, Clif and Cheryl, on January 4, 1992, in California, United States.

He grew up with three older brothers, Jonathan, Matthew, and Anthony.

The Lorenzen kids went to school in Fullerton and played baseball in their spare time. When their father was sober, he often encouraged his sons to improve their game.

However, his father was always drunk, and the constant quarrels between his parents often led to visits from the police to their home.

Michael Lorenzen And His Mom Cheryl
Phillies Pitcher Michael Lorenzen With His Mom, Cheryl, And Wife (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

His dad was an infamous miscreant in the community and had faced charges numerous times.

Despite being somewhat tolerable, his mom, Cheryl, was also a substance abuser. The two reportedly met in their youth when Cheryl bought cocaine from Clif.

The only good thing about Clif was he drove his kids to watch youth baseball games, the only happy hours for him.

However, in 2004, Clif left the town, leaving his wife and sons after he faced charges of a misdemeanor.

In the absence of their father, mother Cheryl worked in restaurants to look after her younger children.

Their father later reconnected with his family, and Michael forgave him. Unfortunately, Clif died at the age of 61 in Reno Hospital, Nevada.

Lorenzen’s Oldest Brother Also Played Professional Baseball

Michael Lorenzen’s brother, Jonathan, was passionate about baseball as a kid.

Growing up, Lorenzen’s closest baseball companion was his oldest brother, and he considers him his early influence.

Almost ten years older than him, Jonathan made it into the MLB nearly a decade before the Cincinnati Reds selected his youngest brother.

Little Michael Lorenzen With His Family
Little Michael Lorenzen With His Family (Source: Twitter)

Everyone in the family was excited, but among them, the happiest one was their dad, Clif.

He had then told the media that he was pleased with the sum the Dodgers provided to their son and was excited to see him play in the MLB.

Sadly, everything went bad afterward. Just after some time, his dad left home to escape police arrest.

On the other hand, Jonathan was arrested for having sexual intercourse with a minor in 2006. Following the incident, his baseball career was over. 

Besides, there is not much information about his other brothers.

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