Is DJ Uiagalelei Samoan? Family Ethnicity And Nationality

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Fans wonder about DJ Uiagalelei’s ethnicity as he is making headlines following his jaw-dropping 5-TD performance against the California Golden Bears on Saturday night.
David John “DJ” Uiagalelei, a rising star in American college football, has made a name for himself as a talented quarterback.
This article explores the Oregon State QB’s ethnicity and nationality while also looking at his family.
DJ Uiagalelei Transferred To Oregon State University In 2022
DJ Uiagalelei Transferred To Oregon State University In 2022 (Source: Instagram)
Born on April 17, 2001, DJ has captured the attention of football enthusiasts with his exceptional skills and dedication.

Uiagalelei’s early years in the football world were marked by numerous accolades and achievements.

He attended St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California, where he excelled as a junior.

In 2018, he earned the title of USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year.

The following year, he was named the Polynesian Football Player of the Year as a high school senior. 

As a highly sought-after five-star recruit, DJ Uiagalelei embarked on an impressive journey with the Clemson Tigers.

However, he entered the transfer portal in 2022, eventually transferring to Oregon State.

Furthermore, he was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers with the No. 610 pick in the 2023 MLB Draft.

DJ Uiagalelei Ethnicity, Nationality

One aspect of DJ Uiagalelei’s identity that has garnered attention is his ethnicity. Thus, his admirers frequently ask, “Is DJ Uiagalelei Samoan?”

Uiagalelei proudly identifies as half-Samoan, a heritage he traces back to his father’s side. On his mother’s side, he has German roots.

This mixed ethnicity has given him a unique perspective and cultural background, which he celebrates.

Uiagalelei Was Named Oregon State's Starting Quarterback In August 2023
Uiagalelei Was Named Oregon State’s Starting Quarterback In August 2023 (Source: Instagram)

In a 2020 interview, while still with the Clemson Tigers, Uiagalelei expressed his excitement about representing Clemson as a Polynesian athlete.

Moreover, he also encouraged fellow Polynesians to explore playing in different parts of the United States.

He emphasized that talent knows no boundaries and that Polynesian athletes can thrive wherever they choose to play.

While his ethnicity reflects his rich cultural heritage, DJ Uiagalelei’s nationality is American.

Born in Riverside, California, he holds American citizenship, symbolizing his deep connection to the nation where he chased his athletic dreams.

DJ Uiagalelei Family

DJ Uiagalelei’s family plays a crucial role in his journey and development as an athlete and an individual. He was born to parents Big Dave Uiagalelei and Tausha Uiagalelei.

His father, Big Dave Uiagalelei, stands out as a significant figure in DJ’s life, not only as a parent but also as a coach and mentor.

Big Dave, a former football player himself, played as an offensive guard for the University of Hawaii.

His experience was crucial in bringing a wealth of football knowledge and experience to his son’s development.

His belief and confidence in his sons’ athletic potential was evident, as he predicted multiple Division I offers for them even when they were in eighth grade.

DJ Uiagalelei With His Father Big Dave
DJ Uiagalelei With His Father, Big Dave (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, DJ’s mother, Tausha Uiagalelei, complements this support system with her constant encouragement.

Other than her role as a mother, Tausha is actively involved in her local community.

She is a real estate agent who indulges in charitable and philanthropic endeavours.

Together, Dave and Tausha have fostered their sons on their journey toward football excellence.

DJ’s Brother Also Plays Football

The Uiagalelei family’s commitment to sports is further evident in DJ’s younger brother, Matayo Uiagalelei.

Matayo, an American football defensive end and tight end, plays for the Oregon Ducks football team.

Born in 2005, Matayo has also made headlines in the football world, earning a ranking of No. 19 in the 2023 class by Sports Illustrated.

Lastly, he attended St. John Bosco High School and played on both offense and defense during his high school career.

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