Is Donovan Edwards Related To Gus Edwards? Are They Brothers?

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Is Donovan Edwards Related To Gus Edwards? Fans often wonder about a possible familial bond between the two player due to their shared surname and career. 

While their last name, passion, and personalities may bear similarities, the two individuals have no other substantial connections.

Donovan has an older brother named Kevin Jr, whereas Gus Edwards has four siblings, three of whom are Josh, Johnetta, and Josephus.

Donovan Edwards Plays For The Michigan Wolverines
Donovan Edwards Plays For The Michigan Wolverines (Source: Instagram)

American athlete Donovan Edwards is a running back who plays collegiate football for the University of Michigan. 

The player initially honed his skills at West Bloomfield High School, emerging as a five-star recruit by 247 Sports. 

Named Mr. Football for Michigan State, he is particularly well-known for his jaw-dropping prowess and exceptional agility in the field.

Donovan committed to Michigan in December 2020, and since then, he has swiftly evolved as an indispensable team member.

Standing 1.85m tall, he ranks among the top running backs, rushing for 1,662 yards with 714 receiving yards in the last three seasons.

Recently, the junior played a crucial role in leading the team toward victory in the 2024 CFP national championship. 

Is Donovan Edwards Related To Gus Edwards?

The two players, Donovan Edwards and Gus Edwards, not only share a common surname but have also carved their careers in the same field. 

Gus plays in the NFL, whereas Donovan is a collegiate football player, awaiting to secure a spot in the league. 

Despite their similarities on the professional front, these two are devoid of any familial connection, appearing unrelated

Born on February 25, 2003, in Michigan, U.S., Donovan is one of two kids of his parents, Kevin Edwards Sr and the late Donna Edwards.

Donovan Edwards Along With His Father And Brother
Donovan Edwards, Along With His Father And Brother (Source: Instagram)

His mother died from breast cancer in 2005 when he was two years old.

Besides, he has an older brother, Kevin Jr, who has accompanied him since childhood.

Likewise, Gus Edwards was born as one of five kids of his parents, Sackie and Mamie, on April 13, 1995.

Originally from Monrovia, Liberia, he moved to the United States with his family at the age of five due to the First Liberian Civil War. 

He comes from a childhood filled with violence, war, and terror, but now things have improved significantly for him and his four siblings.

All About The NFL Player 

A rising athlete, Gus Edwards plays as a football running back for the NFL team, Baltimore Ravens.

The player previously prepped at Tottenville High School is coming out as a three-star recruit by ESPN.

Following that, he committed to playing collegiate football at the University of Miami from 2013 to 2016 before transferring to Rutgers University as a graduate transfer.

An Undrafted NFL Athlete, Gus Edwards
An Undrafted NFL Athlete, Gus Edwards (Source: Instagram)

Throughout his 5-year college football career, Gus rushed for 1,690 yards with 156 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Nicknamed “Gus the Bus,” the player is well-recognized for his athletic build and bruising running style.

Earlier in 2018, the rookie made a big move by declaring for the NFL Draft, but he unfortunately remained undrafted.

As an undrafted free agent, he signed with his current team. However, despite several appearances, Gus has not achieved a significant victory in his career with the Ravens.

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