Is Francis Ngannou Christian? Religion, Race, Nationality & Ethnicity

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Francis Ngannou is a Christian however, he portrays himself as a believer in all faith. We can see him wishing well for his followers on all religious occasions.

We might see a new heavyweight champion in boxing soon, and there are heavy chances his name is Francis Ngannou.

Moreover, let’s take a small diversion and talk about Francis and his personal beliefs. What are his roots and origin?

Professional MMA Fighter And Boxer Francis Ngannou
Professional MMA Fighter And Boxer Francis Ngannou (Source: Instagram)

Francis Zavier Ngannou is a professional MMA fighter as well as a boxer. He became famous for his heavy-hitting and immaculate punches.

Ngannou was the star of UFC, he was the reigning heavyweight champion before leaving for a better contract. Eventually, the predator joined the Professional Fighters League. 

Furthermore, Ngannou held the record of 17 wins to 3 losses in the UFC. After such a fantastic MMA journey the heavyweight has now opted to go for boxing.

Under his current contract with the PFL, Francis is free to choose any type of match, be it MMA or boxing. In addition, his contracts also focused on details like health insurance, sponsorship, and other legal matters.

Francis Ngannou: Is He Christian?

Although he does not emphasize it, Francis Ngannou is from a Christian household. We can see him celebrating Christmas with his nieces and nephews, dressed up as a Santa.

However, the fighter takes all religions equally and wishes his followers on such auspicious events. This year, Ngannou wished all his Muslim followers on Eid, displaying harmony as a man of high following and status.

Francis With A Cross Around His Neck
Francis With A Cross Around His Neck (Source: Afroballers)

Unfortunately, there were people in the comments calling it propaganda and whatnot. Ngannou’s message was, simply wishing his followers on their special day is not a push of ideology.

Moreover, that does not make him less Christian, it is simply an act of good faith.

More On His Race, Nationality And Ethnicity

Talking about his race and ethnicity, Ngannou is an African man of Cameroonian ethnicity.

He was born and raised in the Cameroonian village, of Batie. He grew up in extreme poverty and had to grind his way through.

So regarding his nationality, Ngannou is originally a Cameroonian. Eventually, to improve his life and become someone great he left Cameroon at the age of 26.

Ngannou With The Cameroon Flag
Ngannou With The Cameroon Flag (Source: MMA Mania)

Francis took a long journey from his home, crossing rivers, barbed wires, and countries. After making his way through Nigeria, Morocco, and Spain under several clashes with police and detention, he finally reached France.

However, the struggle was not over, he was homeless and illegal. Francis made it up by sleeping in the garage and soon fate struck as he was introduced to MMA.

So, that’s the whole origin story of the predator, Francis Ngannou. Today, he claims his nationality as a Cameroonian-French.

Francis And His Path To Boxing

As a child, Francis was a huge admirer of boxing, in particular of the great Mike Tyson.

He earned his living as a street fighter back in Cameroon and always wanted to box. However, since life took him on an eventful journey he got into MMA.

Nonetheless, now he is back and completely ready for boxing. He will be fighting none other than the heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury.

The fight is right at our doorstep, indeed it is tonight, the 28th of October at 8 PM AST.


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