Is Jerry Jones Christian Or Jewish? Religion And Family Ethnicity

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In the ’90s, as the Dallas Cowboys thrived under Jerry Jones, people wondered about his religion and divine connection.

Jerry Jones’ religion is private, yet his impact on the ’90s Cowboys sparks ongoing curiosity among fans and observers.

Jerry Jones Giving Of His Very Charming Smile
Jerry Jones Giving Of His Very Charming Smile (Source: X)

Jerral Wayne Jones was born on October 13, 1942, in Los Angeles, California. He’s an American businessman, owning and managing the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL since February 1989 as owner, president, and general manager.

Jones attended the University of Arkansas and was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He was a co-captain of Arkansas’ 1964 national championship football team.

Jones played college football as an offensive lineman. He’s among the few NFL owners with notable success as a player.

A 1957 photograph of 14-year-old Jerry Jones was discovered in November 2022. It showed an argument in which White students attempted to prevent six African-American pupils from entering North Little Rock High School in Arkansas.

In 1957, North Little Rock started integration, and though the football coach advised against it, Jerry Jones got involved in such scenes.

Jones has expressed regret for not doing more to make Black students at Little Rock feel more accepted.

Let’s Talk About Jerry Jones Religion Or If He Is Religious

Jerry Jones follows the Christian religion, but his relationship with god is a very complicated one. 

He attended Fellowship Church a year after he bought the Cowboys in 1989. There he was welcomed on stage and interviewed by Pastor Ed Young.

The pastor said the Jones’ kids also attended the church once or twice a year. It is interesting to note that in the ’90s, the Texas stadium had a hole in its roof.

Although the actual reason for it was Jones did not have enough money to repair it, many just publicized it as “Jerry’s deal with god.” 

As per the deal, Jerry came into an agreement with god to let him watch all of Cowboy’s games. 

Jerry Jones Presenting A Jersey To The Pope
Jerry Jones Presenting A Jersey To The Pope (Source: X)

Hence when sunlight would sometimes pass through the hole to the pitch, it would be labelled as “God is watching”.

The Cowboys had won three Super Bowls in 1992, 1993, and 1995, establishing Jerry Jones as the driving force behind probably the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

Eventually, this even led to speculation that these wins were the result of god being the business associate Jones. 

In 2017, Jones went to the Vatican to meet royalty of Christianity, the Pope. He met the Holy One, who expressed great pleasure in meeting him. 

His Parents And How They Helped Him In Business

Jones was born into the household of his parents, John “Pat” and Armenita Jones. They initially lived in Los Angeles, California.

 Later, the family moved back to North Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1945. His parents owned two Pat’s Super Market locations in North Little Rock’s Rose City district.

Jones’ parents relocated to Springfield, Missouri, after his graduation, where Pat was president and chairman of Modern Security Life Insurance Co.

Jerry Jones Looking Very Impressed With The Results Of His Team
Jerry Jones Looking Very Impressed With The Results Of His Team (Source: X)

The business’s assets increased from $440,299.76 in its first statement in 1961 to $6,230,607 in 1965.

Described as a “one in a million” in advertising, he borrowed a million dollars from Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters Union after graduating from college in 1965 to build a chain of Shakey’s Pizza Parlor restaurants in Missouri.

However, after the venture failed, Jones worked at his father’s insurance firm, Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri.

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