Is JJ Da Boss Fired? What Happened To Him?

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In a recent internet trend, fans wonder if street racing phenomenon JJ Da Boss has been fired from Street Outlaws.

Avid fans of the top-rated racing show were perplexed when long-time host JJ was missing from the episodes.

The legendary racer is famous as the host of the Street Outlaws show and his daring on-track stunts.

Memphis Street Legend JJ Da Boss
Memphis Street Legend JJ Da Boss (Source: Instagram)

JJ Da Boss was born in Tennessee, United States, on August 10, 1973. Graduating from Rivercrest High School, he learned to be hard early.

He spent his early years navigating the streets, engaging in gambling and hustling to make some money.

By age 10, he was already behind the wheel, racing on dirt and gravel roads in and around Mississippi County.

JJ’s mother would carry him around the streets of Memphis to watch his father and uncle street racing.

In Memphis, people proclaim him as the fastest and most feared man on the streets who knows every nook and corner.

The Memphis native is married to Tricia, a passionate racer who appears on the Outlaws show.

Is JJ Da Boss Fired? What Happened To Him?

Fans of the Street Outlaws show are starting to wonder if JJ has been fired from the show after his absence in recent shows.

However, there is no official statement regarding the matter from JJ or the show’s directors.

For now, everything is just speculation, and the best thing to do is be patient with the official statements.

It is important to note that JJ is the major attraction of the show.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss
Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss (Source: Instagram)

His popularity is evident with the big TV ratings and YouTube views when JJ is part of the show.

Consequently, JJ must remain with the show to keep the fans engaged and happy. 

JJ Da Boss And Wife Major Crash in 2022

The risky and on-the-edge lifestyle of JJ Da Boss has won him many accolades, but at the same time, it is also a life-risking talent.

In a near-fatal incident in 2022, a car crash while filming an episode in La Villa, Texas, injured JJ and his wife Tricia.

The pair were drag-racing one another before colliding.

JJ Da Boss And Wife Tricia
JJ Da Boss And Wife Tricia (Source: Pinterest)

Tricia’s injuries were severe enough to warrant her transport to a local hospital for treatment.

In a brave act, JJ, whose clothes were burning, got out of his vehicle and checked on his wife.

This incident served as a reminder that the world of street racing comes with its dangers and hazards.

Even experienced iconic performers like JJ Da Boss and Tricia can miscalculate things and get into a crash.

JJ Da Boss Has 11 Children

The Memphis street icon has fathered a total of 11 children.

However, only four of them live with his current wife, Tricia. He also has five grandchildren.

JJ Da Boss Family
JJ Da Boss Family (Source: Instagram)

One of JJ’s children, Josh Day, known popularly as “Doughboy,” is a street racer who appeared on the Street Outlaws.

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