Is Justin Jefferson Going To The Bengals? Trade Rumor 2024

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Trade rumors regarding Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson are rampant, with fans speculating if he is going to the Bengals.

As one of the most renowned names in the NFL, Justin is frequently linked with moves away from the Vikings.

The wide receiver’s speed, athleticism, and agility have endeared him to the NFL faithful.

Viking Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson
Viking Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson (Source: ESPN)

Justin Jefferson is a native of Louisiana, United States. He attended his local Destrehan High School, where he began his football journey.

Coming out of high school, he was only rated as a three-star prospect. Eventually, he was picked up by Louisiana State University(LSU) to be a part of their football program.

Although his start at LSU was a struggle, he eventually became a mainstay in the team, helping his college win a national championship in 2019. 

After an excellent collegiate resume, Justin was picked in the 2020 NFL Draft (22nd overall) by the Minnesota Vikings.

Since then, his career has gone leaps and bounds, making the Pro Bowl thrice by 2023. 

Is Justin Jefferson Going To The Bengals?

As mentioned earlier, fan speculation is heavy; wondering if the Vikings receiver is going to the Bengals. However, at this point, these are just baseless rumors.

Additionally, since the trade window 2024 is nearing, there is always conjecture regarding the move of star players. 

Jefferson On Game Day For The Vikings
Jefferson On Game Day For The Vikings (Source: Instagram)

Following the Vikings’ poor record in the 2023 NFL season, people wonder if they will trade some of their valuable assets.

In a September 2023 report with, he revealed he turns a blind eye to the trade speculations.

“I’m tired of people saying that we’re looking into next season, or all of the trades and stuff like that. We’re still focused, and we still have the same goal as we had before the season. We just need to fix a few things, and I feel like we’ll be back on track.”

The talented receiver is entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2024, further intensifying the rumors of his departure.

On the trade conjecture, he added,

“It’s just really being confined to ourselves, knowing who is in this building and what we’re trying to accomplish, and I feel like that’s all that matters.”

Overall, for the time being, Justin seems pretty content and wants to do the best for the Vikings.

The best thing to do is to wait for an official statement from the player or the franchise regarding his trade.

Jefferson And Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase LSU Links

On top of all this, his former teammate from LSU and current Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase interviewed with NBC Sports.

Former LSU Teammates Jefferson And Chase
Former LSU Teammates Jefferson And Chase (Source: FanSided)

In said interview, he revealed he would love to team up with his old partner from college football.

“I ain’t no selfish player. I might have to take a pay cut. He might gotta take a cut, too. But I ain’t no selfish player that would be fun to see again.”

The duo of Chase and Jefferson wreaked havoc, with many noting them as the most dangerous receiver duo in college football history.

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