Is Kellen Moore Mormon? Religion & Ethnicity

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Is Kellen Moore Mormon? Faith and belief play pivotal roles in shaping the life and character of Kellen Moore, the American football coach and former quarterback.

It is widely believed that Kellen Moore and his family have strong connections with Mormonism, and he embraces the principles of Mormonism’s Word of Wisdom, aiming to set a positive example for young people.

Born on July 5, 1988, as Kellen Christopher Moore, he hails from Prosser, Washington, USA. His parents, Kris Moore and Tom Moore, were the pillars of his upbringing.

Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore (Source: ESPN)

Kellen’s educational journey began in his hometown, where he completed high school.

Subsequently, he pursued his college education at Boise State University, attending from 2007 to 2011.

Despite being red-shirted in 2007, he consistently excelled as one of the standout players during his college years.

In 2012, even though he went undrafted by the NFL, Kellen secured a contract with the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent, where he assumed the role of quarterback.

Following a two-year stint with the Lions, he transitioned to the Dallas Cowboys, where he played and contributed as a coach.

After a five-year career as a player, Kellen made the deliberate choice to transition into coaching.

Currently, he holds a coaching role with the Los Angeles Chargers, making a significant impact in professional football.

Is Kellen Moore Mormon?

As a dedicated Mormon, Kellen upholds a strong moral and ethical code, and his commitment to his religious beliefs has significantly influenced his perspectives.

Moore adheres to the Word of Wisdom in Mormonism, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, as well as coffee and tea.

He believes in setting an example for young Mormons through his dedication and commitment.

The coach applies the Mormon belief in hard work and dedication to his career.

Moreover, he encourages innovation and collaboration within his team, employing unconventional formations to surprise his opponents.

Kellen Moore Family

Christopher’s father, Tom, was a head coach at Prosser High School from 1986 to 2008.

Kellen’s interest in football made it easy for him to learn from his father.

He engaged in football since childhood, playing with his father and brother.

His younger brother, named Kirby Moore, is also a football player, just like Kellen.

Before, Kirby played as a wide receiver for the College of Idaho, but now serves as the offensive coordinator for the Missouri Tigers.

Kellen’s mother, Kris, has maintained her privacy regarding her information from the media and fans.

Kellen Moore Wife And Children

Kellen Moore is married to his long-term love, Julie Wilson.

Julie and Kellen initially met while they were both students at Prosser High School in Washington.

Moore was a senior, and Julie was a junior at the time.

After a few years together, Kellen proposed to Julie, and they later married on July 23, 2011.

They held their marriage ceremony at the opulent St. Regis Deer Valley resort in Park City, Utah.

Kellen And Julie With Son
Kellen And Julie With Son (Source: ABTC)

Additionally, the couple has three children together, including a son and two daughters.

The Moore couple named their son Kyler Robert Moore and their daughters Halle Moore and Madelyn Moore.

Similar to other parents, Kellen also appears to take an active role in parenting.

Kellen Moore And Family Visit: Award And Tribute

On April 12, 2015, Kellen Moore’s family visited Albertsons Stadium, marking a memorable occasion where the college celebrated his illustrious collegiate career.

Boise State honored Kellen by framing his jersey, #11, and paid tribute to him with a heartfelt video.

As part of the awards and interviews during this event, the couple brought along their son, Kyler, who unquestionably stole the spotlight, adding a delightful touch to the celebration.

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