Is Mike Mcdaniel Biracial? Miami Dolphins Coach Ethnicity & Religion

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Football coach Mike McDaniel is biracial. He revealed that his father is black and his mother is white.

The Dolphins’ head coach, Mike McDaniel, has a long history in football, mainly in the technical field. His understanding of the sports has made him one of the top coaches.

However, many fans don’t know about his ethnic heritage. He comes from a mixed racial background, Mike’s father is black, whereas his mother is white.

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel (Source: Sporting News)

Michael Lee McDaniel is a 41-year-old football coach from the state of Colorado. He played college football at Yale University, where he graduated with a degree in History.

Moreover, Mike found his true calling not as a player but as a coach. His career had a humble start as an intern under the great Mike Shanahan at the Denver Broncos.

On top of that, he formed an excellent duo with junior Shanahan as the two youngsters worked together for more than a decade. Kyle Shanahan described McDaniel as “our own computer.”

The relatively young coach has had a long career but in different sectors. Sometimes, as an offensive assistant, wide receivers coach, or the run game coordinator.

Is Mike Mcdaniel Biracial? Ethnicity & Religion

As mentioned above, the Miami Dolphins’ 14th head coach is biracial. Mike’s mother, Donna McDaniel, is of Caucasian race, and his late father is black.

Furthermore, Mike is not a big fan of talking about his race. He expressed he finds it quite odd to ‘identify oneself as a certain race.’ 

He added he would rather identify himself as a human being, plain and simple. But the coach has been subjected to this dynamic often, especially during his childhood.

Mike's Parents Wedding Ceremony
Mike’s Parents Wedding Ceremony (Source: X)

Mike experienced he was different when he visited his grandmother and found himself far lighter than anyone on his father’s side.

Furthermore, he saw real bigotry when he became aware of the fact that his mother’s side cut off relations with his mother. The reason was a ludicrous one, just because she married a black man.

The racial equation has always riddled Mike’s life, but he doesn’t let it hinder his career and personal development. He expressed that if someone asks him about his race particularly, he isn’t shy to admit that he’s a proud biracial man.

Moreover, his association with any religion is not public. His philosophies present him as a man who walks with the resolution that he is a human being above anything else.

Mike’s Married Life And Kids

Mike McDaniels is a family man. He is married to Katie Hemstalk and the couple also have a child.

They tied the knot back in 2014 in Ashburn, Virginia. Their dating history, however, remains a secret.

The McDaniel Family
The McDaniel Family (Source: Miami Herald)

Katie is 41-year old and is an esteemed professional in the cosmetics field.  Mike’s lovely wife is the daughter of Winston and Kristy Hemstalk. She hails from Oroville, California.

She isn’t on social media and keeps a low profile in public. However, it is known that she is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist. While her husband leads a team on the field, she leads her business life.

The McDaniels couple also have a kid. In 2020, they announced the birth of their daughter, Alya June.


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