Is Milan Lucic Christian? Religion, Ethnicity And Nationality

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In light of recent domestic allegations, discussions about Lucic’s personal life have emerged, with some individuals questioning whether Milan Lucic is Christian.

Coming from a mixed ethnic background and nationality, the ice hockey player embodies both Southern European and North American heritage.

Given that people in Southern Europe follow religions other than Christianity, it is natural to ponder about Milan Lucic’s faith.

Milan Lucic Boston Bruins
Milan Lucic Boston Bruins (Source: The Hockey News)

Milan Lucic was born to Dobrivoje “Dobro” Lučić and Snežana Kesa on June 7, 1988, in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lucic enrolled at Killarney Secondary in Vancouver and maintained a strong allegiance to the hometown Vancouver Canucks.

At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease, a condition capable of causing curvature in the upper back and resulting in a hunched-over posture.

Furthermore, Lucic engaged in minor hockey in Vancouver and contemplated quitting the sport when he faced exclusion in the 2003 WHL Bantam Draft.

Nevertheless, he started his professional career with the Boston Bruins in 2007 and played for the Calgary Flames in 2019.

Lucic returned to the Boston Bruins in July 2023 and is currently playing for the team.

Is Milan Lucic Christian: Religion, Ethnicity And Nationality

Milan Lucic, with a mixed ethnic background that includes North American and Southern European roots, comes from a diverse heritage.

Born in Canada, Lucic holds Canadian citizenship, yet his roots trace back to Serbia.

The hockey player’s family belongs to a South Slavic ethnic group native to Southeastern Europe, sharing Serbian ancestry.

Furthermore, Milan Lucic’s parents, Dobrivoje and Snežana Kesa, were both born in Serbia.

The Lucic Family
The Lucic Family (Source: Instagram)

Milan’s father immigrated to North America from Serbia at 27 and worked as a longshoreman in Vancouver.

Similarly, his mother, Snezana, came to Vancouver at the age of 2 when her parents relocated from Serbia.

Most Serbian people predominantly practice Serbian Orthodox as their main religion, a subset of Christianity.

The Lucic family, however, belongs to the 5% minority who follow the Catholic faith.

Lucic family worships at the Saint Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church in Burnaby as their family church.

Who Are In Lucic Family?

Apart from Milan, Dobrivoje and Snežana have two other children, Nikola Lucic and Jovan Lucic.

Milan’s maternal uncle, Dan Kesa, is a retired NHL right winger who played for the Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Dallas Stars.

Milan Lucic With Wife And Kids
Milan Lucic With Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Milan has been married to Brittany Carnegie since July 2012, who played soccer during her college days.

Brittany actively contributes to the welfare of animals by participating in fundraising activities for the MSPCA.

A year after their wedding, Milan and Brittany welcomed their first child, Valentina, in 2013. Following that, their second daughter, Nikolina, joined the family in 2015.

Tragically, a few months after the birth of their second child, the family experienced the devastating loss of Milan’s father, Dobrivoje. The details surrounding his passing, which was attributed to suicide, were not disclosed.

In 2018, the couple welcomed their third child, a son named Milan Jr.

Milan Domestic Violence Allegation

On November 19, 2023, the Bruins forward Milan was taken into custody following an alleged domestic violence incident.

Lucic’s wife accused him of pulling her hair during a domestic dispute, leading to his arrest for further search and investigation.

According to Brittany’s statement to law enforcement, she asserted that her husband had indeed pulled her hair but did not make any attempt to strangle her.

Despite the allegations, Lucic entered a plea of not guilty to the assault and battery charge against his wife.

His bail conditions included a prohibition from abusing the alleged victim and from consuming alcohol, and a pre-trial was set for January 19, 2024.

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