Is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity

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Roger Goodell Jewish: Roger Goodell is an American businessman who serves as the commissioner of the NFL and the sole non-Jewish commissioner in the NFL.

Commissioner Roger started his NFL career in 1982 by serving as an administrative intern in the league office in New York under then-Commissioner.

Goodell played a significant role in league expansion, stadium development, launching the NFL Network, and securing new television agreements.

Roger Goodell The NFL Commissioner
Roger Goodell, The NFL Commissioner (Source: Complex)

Roger was appointed as an assistant to the president of the American Football Conference in 1987.

As the NFL’s COO, Goodell took the responsibility for the league’s football operations and officiating, as well as supervising league business.

However, on August 8, 2006, Goodell was selected to replace Tagliabue, and he officially took office as the NFL commissioner on September 1.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Jewish: Religion & Ethnicity

Roger Goodell is an American citizen with a completely white ethnic background.

According to sources, Roger is the singular non-Jewish commissioner among the eight commissioners thus far.

However, Goodell has not publicly disclosed his official religious affiliation.

Despite not publicly disclosing his religion, Roger has embroiled himself in controversies regarding his discussions about religion.

Roger Goodell Racial Controversy

In 2013, Goodell received a letter from 10 members of Congress urging him to consider changing the name of Washington’s football team, “Redskins.”

Goodell responded by defending the team’s name, asserting that it represents “a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride, and respect.”

However, they didn’t respond favorably to his statement, and more rage came up with the statement.

Congress alleged that other owners were making another attempt to justify a racial slur in order to generate profit.

They said,” They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, not as a demeaning caricature or mascot.”

The members brought the matter to court, but it didn’t result in a resolution, and Roger was no longer part of the case.

Roger Goodell Family: Parents, Wife, Children

Roger Goodell was born in Jamestown, New York, on February 19, 1959.

His father, Charles Ellsworth Goodell, served as a United States Senator from New York, and his mother, Jean (Rice) Goodell, hailed from Buffalo, New York.

Goodell’s early academic and athletic pursuits showcased his exceptional talents.

He attended Bronxville High School, where he not only excelled in academics but also stood out as a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball.

His leadership qualities were evident as he served as the captain for all three teams during his senior year, and he received the honor of being named the school’s athlete of the year.

Despite his remarkable skills in football, injuries prevented Goodell from pursuing a college football career. 

Roger Goodell And Wife Jane
Roger Goodell And Wife Jane (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Similarly, Roger is married to Jane Skinner, who is a former anchor for Fox News Channel.

Jane was born on February 12, 1967, to Samuel K. Skinner and Susan Ann Thomas.

Skinner initiated her career as a political correspondent for KBJR in Duluth, Minnesota.

Subsequently, she joined Fox News as a general reporter from WNBC-TV in New York City before departing from the role in 2010.

NFL Commissioner Goodell and Jane Skinner married each other on October 25, 1995.

The couple has two daughters together, who are twins. They were born in 2001.

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