Is Quinn Ewers Christian Or Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity Revealed

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The audience’s curiosity about Quinn Ewers’ religion was piqued by his tattoos and explicit statements about Jesus Christ.

His declaration, “There’s only one way to freedom, and that’s through Jesus Christ,” and his repeated assertions that attribute his success and personal growth to God strongly suggest that Quinn Ewers identifies as a Christian.

Young Quinn Ewers With His Mom
Young Quinn Ewers With His Mom (Source: Twitter)

Quinn Tucker Ewers was born in San Antonio, Texas, on March 15, 2003. Texas-born Ewers is a college football player who plays quarterback for the Texas Longhorns.

Before moving to Texas in 2022 and starting for them, Ewers attended Ohio State University in 2021.

Moreover, the player studied at Carroll Senior High School, where he played football.

As a sophomore, he completed 291 of 402 passes for 3,998 yards, 45 touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Furthermore, Southlake Carroll also reached the Texas 6A Division I quarterfinals.

Additionally, several outlets recognized Ewers as the best overall prospect in the 2022 recruiting class going into his senior year.

What Is Quinn Ewers Religion?

Quinn Ewers’s faith has grabbed the attention of the people. Ewers has a tattoo of the bible statement “Luke 17:21” on his throwing arm.

The statement refers to “No one will say, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘There it is.'” The kingdom of God is already among you.

Quinn Ewers Hand Tattoo Of Luke 17:21
Quinn Ewers Hand Tattoo Of Luke 17:21 (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the player also has a tattoo on his chest; the symbol of a cross is a reference to Joshua 1:9 in the Bible.

The verse says, “Have I not commanded you? Be courageous and strong. The LORD, your God, will be with you everywhere you go, so do not be afraid or disheartened.”

The audience’s curiosity about Quinn Ewers’ religious beliefs deepened when Tyler Feldman asked him if he was Jewish during an interview. In response, the quarterback elaborated on the role of Jesus Christ in his faith.

Ewers went on to explain that in the Jewish faith, Jesus is not recognized as the Lord Christ, God incarnate, or God the Father’s own son.

Furthermore, at age 20, Ewers attributed his personal growth to God, stating, “God is so good. I can’t emphasize enough how much God has guided me and made me stronger.”

Additionally, during his first news conference as a Longhorn, Ewers expressed gratitude to the Lord Jesus for granting him the opportunity to play for Texas.

Quinn Ewers Ethnicity And Family

Quinn Ewers was born to Curtis and Kristen Ewers, who are both Texans. According to some sources, the ethnic background of the Ewers family is American.

Curtis Ewers is not only Quinn’s father but also an entrepreneur. He played a pivotal role as Quinn’s first coach, drawing from his own high school athletic experiences.

Curtis has been involved in various business ventures, including Yoker Creek Preserve, LLC, UM Resources, and the Buffalo Fork Mitigation Bank in Fort Worth, as well as wetland and stream mitigation banks in Huntington and Fort Worth.

In 1998, he embarked on a career as a field chemist at Laidlaw Environmental in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Quinn Ewers And His Father Curtis
Quinn Ewers And His Father Curtis (Source: Instagram)

Quinn’s mother, Kristen Ewers, is a dedicated teacher in Texas. She currently serves as a fourth-grade teacher in the Southlake school district.

Kristen began her teaching journey at the Carroll Education Foundation in 2011, following the family’s move to Southlake.

Her LinkedIn profile indicates her affiliation with CISD, and she takes pride in her 21-year teaching career, with nine of those years spent teaching English Language Arts to fourth graders at RES (possibly referring to Rockenbaugh Elementary School).

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