Is Roschon Johnson Christian? Religion & Ethnicity

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Roschon Johnson is Christian and comes from a highly spiritual family. The youngster credits much of his success to the faith instilled in him by his father. 

A four-star recruit, Roschon Johnson, committed to the University of Texas and graduated last year. His father, Ronald, has always hailed his son’s on-field achievements but says he is equally proud of his academic success. 

Roschon Johnson Pictured For The Chicago Bears Ahead Of Their 2023 Season
Roschon Johnson Pictured For The Chicago Bears Ahead Of Their 2023 Season (Source: Instagram)

Roschon was drafted by the Bears earlier this year as a fourth-round pick. He has so far played five games this season, totaling 122 rushing yards, and has made one touchdown. 

On Monday, after the Bears won against the Raiders thanks to Tyson Bagent’s heroic performance, head coach Matt Eberflus delivered good news to the Bears fans. 

Eberflus said Johnson was returning to the team in Week 8 against the Los Angeles Chargers. Johnson had been sidelined since suffering a concussion against Commanders in Week 5. 

Is Roschon Johnson Christian? Chicago Bear RB’s Religion 

Roschon Johnson is Christian and hasn’t shied away from showing his faith in social media. The 22-year-old running back previously from his Tweet hinted he closely practices his religion. 

On May 4, 2022, Johnson shared his thoughts on the Tweet that read, “Why is Christianity the only religion that can openly be mocked and criticized on Twitter?”

Johnson quoted the post, “2 Timothy 3:12.” The quoted post is a verse from the Bible, which means, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” Most Christians decipher it as Jesus saying that those who believe in him would suffer persecution and pain. 

Roschon Johnson Pictured During The NFL Preseason At The Soldier Field
Roschon Johnson Pictured During The NFL Preseason At The Soldier Field (Source: Instagram)

In his interview, Roschon said his dad was the one who made him have faith in the lord above. He said being a devoted Christian taught him to stay humble no matter the on-field achievement.

The youngster added that awards and accolades could be taken away in seconds, but humility and talent last forever. Even on his Instagram caption, Johnson is seen praising the lord. 

One of his Instagram captions from 2022 read, “All praise to the creator of the stars up above.”

Roschon Johnson Ethnicity 

Roschon Johnson comes from a family of African-American ethnicity. He is the youngest of three children of his parents, Ronald and Schwanna Johnson. 

The football player’s parents supported him throughout his athletic journey. In his interview with The Athletic, Ronald said he knew his son would make it big time when he was eight. 

As a kid, Roschon would be seen pushing sleds up and down the field with his dad. Their neighbors thought it was Ronald pushing his son to his limits.

But little did they know that it was young Roschon who wanted to do better every day. Ronald said his son was blessed with a determination level that isn’t seen in all the kids. 

Roschon Johnson Pictured With His Parents, Ronald And Schwanna Johnson
Roschon Johnson Pictured With His Parents, Ronald And Schwanna Johnson (Source: Facebook)

The father of three boys credits his family’s strong spiritual base in helping his sons succeed in their life path. Ronald told his son if he wanted to be extraordinary, he must do the extra bit. 

Ronald has always been heard talking about his son’s on-field achievements, but he has also talked about his son’s academic accomplishments.

After Roschon graduated from the University of Texas in 2022, Ronald said his son had always been business-minded and had talked to him about the clothing line and marketing stuff. 

Roschon’s mother, Schwanna, has also praised her son’s ability to focus on his goal. She said once her son makes up his mind, he could achieve any of his targets. Schwanna is available on Facebook and has shared only a few photos. 

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