Is Vince McMahon Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity Revealed

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Although Vince McMahon has not definitively stated his religion, many people in the wrestling industry link him to being of Jewish faith.

Vince McMahon, the co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is a prominent American businessman.

Aside from his professional success, his personal life is distinctive and filled with intriguing stories.

Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (Source: X)

Vince McMahon is a renowned American businessman who is most popular for being the former WWE owner and chairman.

In 1982, he acquired the company from his father, Vincent J. McMahon, transforming it into the most prosperous professional wrestling promotion globally.

Not only did McMahon lead the WWE as its head executive, but he also appeared on TV. Playing an evil boss character, his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin was the linchpin of the company’s success in the late 90s.

However, as of 2024, McMahon has cut all ties with the WWE after various allegations of trafficking and assault.

Is Vince McMahon Jewish?

The controversial ex-WWE chairman has been associated with being Jewish by some people in the wrestling circle.

However, it is necessary to note that Vince has remained silent about the matter. Hence, all talks related to his religion are just speculation.

Vince McMahon Is Belived To Be Jewish
Vince McMahon Is Believed To Be Jewish (Source: ESPN)

One memorable incident was when famous wrestler Colt Cabana talked about Vince’s religious beliefs. Unbeknownst to many fans, Colt was associated with the WWE from 2005 to 2011.

However, he was given the ring name ‘Scotty Goldman’ instead of Colt Cabana. When questioned about the issue, Colt mentioned that the reason was McMahon’s adherence to the Jewish faith.

“I’ve got a couple of stories about where Goldman came from. I heard Vince was like, is he Jewish? They’re like, yeah, I guess. Alright, Goldman and I don’t know why ‘Scotty.’ I mean, I know why Scotty, but I don’t know why that was the name.”

Vince Has Had Issues With Religious Groups

Vince had a negative attitude toward religious groups that targeted the WWE, as per some people.

Former WWE wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley talked about the subject in an interview with renowned wrestling reporter Chris Van Vliet.

Bubba stated that Vince’s hostility toward the Church originated from the fact that religious groups, in particular, often protested WWE events.

Moreover, Vince considered this hypocritical, especially considering the Church’s ongoing internal scandals during the same period.

“Vince had it in for the Catholic Church. Because remember, at that time, we had people picketing, protesting us. And this and that and being hypocritical, especially people from the church. Meanwhile, this was at the time when the church was having controversy within his own home, with the priests, and things like that.”

Being the controversial figure, Vince waged a war against the Catholic Church. After disturbing cases of abuse by priests, McMahon approved a TV skit to mock the incident.

Booker T pretended to be a priest, listened to a woman’s sins in a confessional, and then Steve Austin chased him into a church. This upset religious groups, leading to protests at WWE offices and during shows.

Reverend D-Von Gimmick
Reverend D-Von Gimmick (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

Exploiting the protests, McMahon further ridiculed the Catholic Church by introducing the character Reverend D-Von in 2002. D-Von was used as his “spiritual advisor” on TV, which was a dig at the Catholic Church.


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