Jalen Kitna Wikipedia And Age: Joins UAB After Child Po*n Charges Dropped

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Jalen Kitna Wikipedia: NFL fans are curious about quarterback Jalen Kitna’s age and wikipedia. We can report that the ex-Florida collegiate athlete is 21 years of age.

The Texas native college athlete has been making the headlines after his child po*n charges were dropped over the summer.

Subsequently, he has signed for the University of Alabama Blazers (UAB) and will appear as their quarterback in the upcoming season.

UAB New Recruit Jalen Kitna
UAB New Recruit Jalen Kitna (Source: ESPN)

The highly rated Kitna was heavily recruited coming out of high school. Ultimately committing to play for Florida, his life took a massive turn after the child po*nography incident.

Consequently, Florida dismissed him, and his sporting career was in the doldrums. However, the charges have since been dropped, and UAB has picked him up.

Jalen Kitna Wikipedia

The talented QB was born in 2003 and hails from Burleson, Texas. He attended his local Burleson High School, where his football journey began. 

Undoubtedly, football was in Jalen’s DNA, with his father, Jon Kitna, playing in the NFL for notable franchises like Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks, and Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, Jon is married to his wife Jenifer, and the pair have four children together.

Three of the couple’s sons have played football as quarterbacks, just like their father, Jon. Jordan played high school football for Lincoln High, and the youngest, Jamison, played for Burleson High School.

Jalen was recruited by many colleges who were impressed by his high school accolades. Eventually, he chose the Florida Gators from the University of Florida in 2020.

Jalen Playing For The Florida Gators
Jalen Playing For The Florida Gators (Source: ESPN)

His career hit a massive roadblock in November 2020 after Florida released him from their team, accusing him of involving in child po*nography.

After investigation, the charges were dropped over a plea deal, and UAB has signed up Kitna in their football program.

The opportunity to play for UAB certainly comes as a resurrection opportunity in Jalen’s career. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how he settles into the new program and whether he finds his old mojo back at UAB.

Jalen Kitna Age: How Old Is The QB ?

As mentioned earlier, Jalen was born in 2003, making him 21 years of age.

Fans are interested in his biography, including his age, as he is a prominent and controversial college athlete. Additionally, we can report that his full date of birth is March 22, 2003.

As a young collegiate athlete, he is expected to be one of the major athletes in football and an NFL prospect for the future.

Child Po*rn Controversy And UAB Recruitment

As referenced earlier, Jalen was caught up in a major child po*nography incident in November 2020. Kitna was taken into custody on five counts related to child po*nography, leading to his subsequent removal from Florida in December. 

The Gainesville Police discovered that Kitna had posted two images on the Discord social media platform. In July of the current year, he entered into a plea agreement, reducing the charges to two second-degree misdemeanors.

New UAB QB Jalen Kitna
New UAB QB Jalen Kitna (Source: CBS Sports)

Kitna also underwent a six-month probationary period as part of the resolution. Following this, he signed a deal with UAB to join their football setup.

In an interview following the signing, he revealed he was grateful for the second chance that UAB has given him.

“I consider myself fortunate to be at UAB, surrounded by an incredible support system, having found a church family, and being able to take advantage of the various resources offered by the college.”

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