Quarterback Jameis Winston re-signing with the Saints

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According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, QR Jameis Winston is re-signing with the New Orleans Saints.

Following Drew Brees‘ retirement from NFL, it is not surprising that Winston is staying in the New Orleans Saints.

As per the league sources, Jameis Winston’s one-year deal with the Saints has a maximum value of $12.5 million.

Winston will only have his cap number of $2.5 million in 2021, based on his playtime, wins, playoff wins, and other stats incentives that are all labeled as “not likely to earn,” according to Tom Pelissero.

Moreover, Tom reports that the base value of Jameis Winston’s one-year deal with the Saints is dollar 5.5 million.

And the maximum value is 12.5 million dollars. More details on Jameis’s new contract by ESPN’s Pelissero:

It is a signing bonus worth $4.5 million, a guaranteed base salary of one million dollars, incentives up to $7 million, and two voidable years for cap purposes.

Jameis, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter, confirmed his signing with the New Orleans on Twitter.

The one-year pact’s announcement was from the Saints team’s Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis.

On Monday, the 15th of March, New Orleans re-signed quarterback Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill, the other quarterback of the Saints.

Starting this fall as QB, a 27-year-old Jameis is expected to compete with Taysom Hill, whose contract is a year more and just over $12 million, reports Tom Pelissero.

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Winston in the New Orleans Saints

On 28th April of 2020, Jameis signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints.

As Jameis Winston moved to the Saints in 2020, he is likely to replace Drew Brees in 2021 as a New Orleans starter after Brees’ retirement announcement on Sunday.

His year-long contract had a value of $1.1 million, including his base salary worth $952,000. Plus a signing bonus of $148,000 with a possible incentive worth $3.4 million. 

Winston was first seen in the game against his former team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on Sunday Night Football during his 9th Week of 2020 season.

Winston completed 75 yards in four regular seasons with just eleven attempts and seven completions. That, too, without interceptions and touchdowns.

In the tenth week, Jameis played for the entire second half against San Francisco’s 49ers, where he lead a 27-13 win to Saints by driving on two scores.

Winston, a top-notch player, also played in the NFC Divisional playoff game against Tampa Bay, giving New Orleans a 13-10 lead.

However, in 2020 Jameis had a touchdown in the Divisional Round loss to Tampa Bay with only 12 pass attempts and 8 completions for 131 yards.

Tribute to Drew Brees
Jameis Winston and Drew Brees (Source: Instagram)

Because of this, Winston had to go through coach Sean Payton’s offensive system for a year and learn behind Brees.

Despite this, his teammates and coaches praised him for his work ethic and talents. And, everyone seemed to embrace him as their starter.

Jameis Winston’s Former State

Before signing the contract with the New Orleans Saints, Winston spent his first five seasons with Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an unrestricted free agent.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Jameis as the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

He was the winner of the Heisman Trophy and a national championship at Florida State. Moreover, following his rookie season in 2015, Winston was named Pro Bowl for his talent.

Jameis Winston has a remarkable history in his professional career as an American Football player. 

During his four years in Buccaneers, he set numerous passing records in passing yards and touchdown passes. It also includes his franchise’s career and single-season marks.

Created NFL history in 2019 with his passing yards, touchdown passes, completion, and yards-per-attempt during the last season in Tampa Bay.

The same year, Jameis became the eighth-highest passer in NFL history to reach five thousand yards passing.

Later, Tampa Bay left Winston to sign with the Saints to back up Brees after the season’s favor with Tom Braddy.

Jameis before the 2015 NFL Draft

Jameis Winston, Florida State’s starting QR, gained several individuals and teams recognition before the NFL Draft.

At the age of 19, he won Heisman Memorial Trophy for his 27-1 record as a starter. It was during the two seasons at the helm in Tallahassee.

Moreover, in his regular seasons, Winston led the Seminoles back-to-back victory of 13-0 against Auburn in the 2014 BCS National Championship.

Therefore, he was named as the game’s Offensive MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Finishing off his Florida States career, Jameis set a record of 7,964 passing yards, 65 touchdown passes, and a 163.3 passer rating. 

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