James Brayshaw Brother Mark Brayshaw: Age Gap & Family Tree

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James Brayshaw has an older brother, Mark Brayshaw. The two sports personalities share an age gap of just one year and three months between them.

James and Mark Brayshaw are the sons of former cricketer and Australian rules footballer Ian Brayshaw and his wife, Joan Brayshaw.

The couple also shared a third child, Sally, who tragically lost her life at the age of 36 when the garage door at their Melbourne home collapsed on her.

The younger Brayshaw shares four sons with his wife Sarah, while Mark has four sons with his wife Debra, three of whom are currently playing in the Australian Football League.

James Brayshaw With His Father Ian Brayshaw
James Brayshaw With His Father Ian Brayshaw (Source: Instagram)

James Antony Brayshaw, born on 11 May 1967, is a former professional cricket player who played domestic cricket for Western and South Australia. 

The two-time Sheffield Shield winner retired from professional cricket at the age of 30 and joined Seven Network as a sports reporter.

In 2006, the former batsman started hosting The AFL Footy Show, replacing Eddie McGuire, and continued to work there until 2016. Additionally, he also co-hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne.

On 6 December 2007, James was appointed as the chairman of the North Melbourne Football Club, serving the position until 2016.

James currently co-hosts The Rush Hour with Billy Brownless on Triple M Melbourne and covers Triple M’s football program along with Test cricket matches for the channel. 

Relationship With Elder Brother: Mark Brayshaw

Mark Andrew Brayshaw, born on 5 February 1966, is the elder brother of James Brayshaw. The two brothers have an age gap of just a year and three months.

Mark is a retired Australian Rules Footballer. In a decade-long career, the footballer played in 110 games, kicking 70 goals.

The former CEO of the AFL Coaches Association currently is a board member of North Melbourne Football Club, along with his brother James.

James Brayshaw With His Brother Watching Angus Play At Melbourne Cricket Ground
James Brayshaw With His Brother Watching Angus Play At Melbourne Cricket Ground (Source: Instagram)

After the unfortunate accident that killed their sister, the family has reportedly remained in close contact with each other.

Ian Brayshaw stated that the family was in “constant contact” following the death of his daughter and that the accident had helped the family get closer.

Mark is a proud father of four: Will, Angus, Hamish, and Andy. Both Angus and Andy have continued the legacy of the family’s successful football history.

The Brayshaw Family Tree

The Brayshaw family is no stranger to the sporting world and success.

Ian achieved tremendous success in Australian Rules football as well as Cricket. He is married to Joan Brayshaw and shares four children among them, Mark, James, and Robert, along with Sally, who sadly passed away in an unfortunate event.

Mark and Debra have four children. Will, the eldest son, is currently working in the Defense Force.

Meanwhile, Angus, Hamish, and Andy all play in the Australian Football League. Angus is currently playing with the Melbourne Football Club ever since he was drafted by the club in 2014.

Likewise, Hamish made the selection as the 68th pick in the 2017 AFL draft, however, he was delisted at the end of the 2019 AFL season.

James Brayshaw With His Fiance Lisa Christie
James Brayshaw With His Fiance Lisa Christie (Source: Instagram)

In the 2020 rookie draft, he made the 39th pick. But, he was delisted again by the Eagles at the end of the AFL season that same year.

Andy, the youngest of the four, is captaining the Fremantle Football Club in AFL. In a breakout season in 2022, the midfielder won the Doig Medal. The club captain also acquired a crucial spot in the 22-man All-Australian selection in 2022.

James and his wife Sarah also have four sons – Henry, George, Jonathan, and Frederick.

However, after 23 years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits on 23 October 2014. The former athlete then got engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Lisa Christie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is James Brayshaw Brother?

James Brayshaw brother is Mark Brayshaw. 

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