James Dolan Kids Include Six Sons: Does He Have A Daughter?

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James Dolan has in total six kids from two different marriages. The businessman does not have a daughter; however, a woman was claiming to be his 7th kid.

We know the business world is full of controversies, and the CEO of MSG is no exception. James Dolan’s eventful career has seen failures and success equally among his various projects.

Moreover, Dolan’s personal life has always been a subject of constant media intervention.

American Businessman James Dolan
American Businessman James Dolan (Source: MSG Sports)

James Lawrence Dolan, 69, a business tycoon, is the executive chairman and CEO of MSG Sports, Entertainment and Network.

Dolan is also accountable for the operation of NBA team New York Knicks and NHL team New York Rangers. He rose to the networking industry by inheriting his father’s company, Cablevision.

Initially a musician, Dolan switched careers after earning a degree in communications from SUNY New Paltz. His father, Charles, handed him the duty of launching a sports radio and made him CEO in 1995.

Dolan’s Cablevision became the 50% owner of Madison Square Garden after purchasing it from Viacom.

In return, James would go on to be the owner of MSG’s assets, which included teams like the NBA’s Knicks, NHL’s Rangers, WNBA’s NY Liberty, and AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack.

Additionally, Dolan serves as the governor of Knicks and Rangers, looking after its daily operations.

James Dolan: Who Are His Kids?

James Dolan himself is one of the six children of his father, Charles Dolan. Later in life, he went on to marry twice and has 6 sons from his two wives.

He has 4 sons from his first marriage: Quentin, Ryan, Charlie, and Aidan Dolan. Likewise, he has 2 sons from his second marriage with Kristin, who has been away from the spotlight.

2 of James’ Sons Work In The Company

The sons of billionaire James Dolan have built their careers in their respective fields, with 3 sons actively serving on the Board of Directors of MSG Entertainment.

Quentin Dolan has been a director of the company since April 2023. Previously, he served as investment director of MSG Sports Corp and Sphere Entertainment. He is a product of New York University. 

James With His Son Quentin Dolan
James With His Son Quentin Dolan (Source: Bleacher Report)

Furthermore, he recently made headlines for his fitness routine and has over 57k followers on Instagram.

Another son, Ryan Dolan, is the vice president of his family’s company. He has been with the company since 2016, serving in various positions and contributing massively.

Ryan’s major works include his role in the growth and development of MSG Venture’s gaming initiatives.

His Other 2 Sons Are Involved in the Music Industry

While Quentin and Ryan have followed their father’s business line, Charles and Aidan chose to follow their father’s musical line.

Aidan Dolan
Aidan Dolan Is Pursuing A Career In Music (Source: LinkedIn)

Charlie Dolan is a band member of the heavy instrumental rock band TAUK, where he plays the bass.

Meanwhile, his brother Aidan studied music composition at NYU and is in the band Upright Man. He is the main vocalist and guitarist of the musical group.

Does James Dolan Have A Daughter?

For a man with 6 kids, it is very amusing that James Dolan does not have a daughter.

At least not publicly; however, in 2016, there were reports of a woman claiming to be the daughter of a billionaire businessman. 

Nevertheless, these claims were later dismissed as no trustworthy evidence was available to back the claims.


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