James Lowe Parents Geoff And Yvonne Are His Inspiration

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Even when he chose to play for Ireland instead of his home country, New Zealand, the parents of James Lowe supported their son’s decision.

While the details of his parents remain unknown to the public, many believe that they have been a source of inspiration for him. 

New Zealand-Born Rugby Union Player James Lowe
New Zealand-born Rugby Union Player James Lowe (Source: Instagram)

James Francis Rawiri Lowe was born in Nelson, New Zealand, on July 8, 1992. He is a professional rugby union player who plays as a wing for United Rugby Championship club Leinster.

Even though he was born in New Zealand, he represents Ireland internationally. After staying there for three years, he was qualified to play on residency grounds.

Lowe went to Nelson College for high school, where he was a junior and senior school athletics champion and represented New Zealand Under-15s in basketball.

Upon completing high school, he began his rugby career with the Waimea Old Boys Club.

Lowe debuted for his local province, the Tasman Mako, as a 20-year-old in 2012 and suffered from sore bones and severe fatigue during his teenage years.

It lasted over a year before a specialist classified it as arthritis.

In his leisure, the player loves going on swims and hikes and is also a big fan of the superhit TV show Game of Thrones. 

James Lowe Parents, Geoff & Yvonne, Are His Inspiration

There is not much information regarding James’s parents, Geoff and Yvonne, on the internet, but we know the family is tightly knit.

Lowe shares Mori and English heritage with his parents and is also related to the Ngpuhi and Ngi Te Rangi iwi.

Even in the best times, Geoff could be described as quiet. Additionally, he usually prefers to hold his cards pretty close.

In 2021, Lowe’s family could not attend the game in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, but the player still remembers how proud his father was.

James Lowe And His Parents Strolling Around Ireland
James Lowe And His Parents Strolling Around Ireland (Source: Instagram)

Even if Geoff couldn’t be there in person, he expressed his support by watching the game in full Irish jersey.

He then proudly paraded around town wearing it after New Zealand’s defeat.

James played cricket a lot as a teenager, and he often got random rashes when playing.

In addition to the rashes, he also started experiencing aches and pains and always felt tired. The diagnosis of his doctor concluded the condition to be arthritis.

James would often not be able to get out of his bed, and he used to call his dad for help. His parents used to think that he was just trying to avoid school. 

He eventually improved after his parents brought him medicines to cure his condition.

The decision to play for Ireland instead of New Zealand wasn’t his own. James consulted with his father first, and when Geoff approved, he joined the Irish team.

Now, James is finally the person he wants to be, and he can only say that he has made his parents proud.

Meet James Lowe Wife, Arnica Palmer

James is married to Arnica Palmer, who was his long-time girlfriend. The couple had decided to give up their life in New Zealand and settle in Ireland after James signed with Leinster in 2017.

Arnica attended the University of Waikato, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws – LLB degree in 2017.

She has been working as a legal executive with the Bank of Ireland based in Dublin.

James Lowe Wife Arnie Palmer And Their Son Nico
James Lowe Wife Arnie Palmer, And Their Son Nico (Source: Instagram)

The couple tied the knot on March 23, 2022, just three days after Ireland won the Triple Crown with a victory over Scotland at the Aviva Stadium.

They flew off to Nevada and tied the knot in Las Vegas. Some fans had labeled the marriage as an “Impromptu” one too.

The couple welcomed their son on April 25, 2023, whom they have named Nico. After his birth, James posted a picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Mum was an absolute champion.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Are The Parents Of James Lowe?

James Lowe was born to parents Yvonne and Geoff Lowe on July 8, 1992.

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