Jamey Chadwell Wife Solmaz: Liberty Head Coach Married Life And Kids

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Jamey Chadwell’s wife, Solmaz Zarrineh, is famous for supporting his renowned American college football coach and former player.

Raised in a Muslim family, Solmaz chose to convert to Christianity during her junior year of high school.

The two met when Solmaz was studying for her master’s while working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer with the East Tennessee State football team.

Chadwell’s heart was smitten by Solamaz’s beauty from the moment he laid eyes on her. The couple took their love to the next level and exchanged vows in 2005.

Jamey Chadwell American College Football Coach
Jamey Chadwell, American College Football Coach (Source: Coastal Carolina University Athletics)

With the support of his loving wife, Solmaz, Jamey achieved several titles in 2020; he won the AP College Coach of the Year Award.

Later in the same year, he progressed by signing a new contract with Coastal Carolina that doubled his salary, making him the second-highest-paid coach in the Sun Belt Conference. 

Moreover, in December 2022, Chadwell became the head coach at Liberty University.

Jamey is among the player like Jimmy Johnson, who had a flourishing post-career as a coach.

Jamey Chadwell Wife Solmaz: Married Life

Life presented Solmaz with constant challenges, requiring her to prove herself in every step of life, leaving little room for comfort and acceptance.

Solamaz’s family immigrated from Iran to Tennessee when she was three years old after escaping in 1982. During that time, her mother was pregnant with her younger brother.

After reaching the borders, the family was sent to California to await trial and was put into jail.

However, they eventually settled in Tennessee, where his uncle had been a foreign exchange student at a small college.

Jamey Chadwell His Wife Solmaz & His Three Kids
Jamey Chadwell His Wife Solmaz & His Three Kids (Source: Current-affairs.org)

The family didn’t know English and had to make a living, so Solmaz’s father, Mohammed, who made Persian rugs back home, got into the used car business.

Solamaz has been a certified athletic trainer for over 15 years and has worked in school and clinical settings.

She met Jamey Chadwell during her time at East Tennessee State University.

After they became friends, Jamey invited her to attend a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting with him.

Solamaz and Jamey tied the knot in 2005, starting a journey of love and family. Their journey blossomed with three children: son Jameson and daughters Avery and Soraya.

The After Effect Of 9/11: Solmaz Family

9/11 was a horrible uproar of racial discrimination, where Muslims and people of Arab and South Asian descent became targets of government practices.

Solmaz and her family went through the bigotry raised by the upheaval of the disastrous 9/11.

She vividly described the pain they suffered when the masses labeled them as terrorists.

During that time, the family experienced brutality, as their second-hand car business was vandalized and individuals sprayed offensive words like ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Leave the Country’ on the vehicles.

Jamey Chadwell Married Solmaz
Jamey Chadwell Married Solmaz, Posing In Their Wedding Outfits (Source: The Athletic)

In the face of brutal terrorization, Charissa Thompson’s father ensured the safety of their family by changing his name from Mohammed to Mike.

The hatred left a deep scar on the intellect of Solomaz and her family, and only they knew how hard it was for them.

Later Solmaz, after her marriage to Jamey, opened up about the whole experience of islamophobia, which changed his perspective on Islam and terrorism.

Jamey dealt with his hatred and ignorance in favor of the preconceived notion of Islam by unlearning and limiting it.

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