Jamie Drysdale Parents: Father Gary And Mother Tina

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Jamie Drysdale is making significant strides in his hockey career, making his Philadelphia Flyers debut in front of on-looking, proud parents.

Playing in the NHL for the past four years and a regular feature in the Canadian national team, Drysdale is a household name for hockey fans.

Following his move to Philadelphia, Jamie Drysdale already has familiar faces encouraging him in the crowd in the form of his parents.

Philadelphia Flyers New Recruit Jamie Drysdale
Philadelphia Flyers New Recruit Jamie Drysdale (Source: NBC)

Born on April 8, 2002, in Ontario, Canada, Jamie Drysdale is a well-renowned name in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Selected as the 6th overall pick by the Anaheim Ducks in the 2020 NHL draft, the defenceman is a prominent feature for the Canadian National team.

After three and a half seasons with the Ducks, Jamie was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

A reliable and steady defenceman, his “high IQ” game style has earned him a lot of admirers.

Jamie Drysdale Parents, Father Gary & Mother Tina

Jamie was born to his parents, father Gary and mother Tina, in Toronto, Canada. The couple have been the subject of conversations on social media recently.

This follows a heartwarming clip of the two at the Flyers’ game, joyfully cheering on their son during his debut for the franchise.

They received a heartwarming reception from the Philly crowd. Additionally, kind comments appeared on social media, with many saying they looked adorable.

After winning against Montreal, Jamie shared that the team offered to fly out his parents for the match.

In the post-match interview, the ecstatic Jamie thanked the Philly fans and the board for making his debut special.

“It kind of shows what a good organization this is. Right when I got out here, they asked me if I wanted my parents out for my first game. Obviously, I said yes.”

On the other hand, credit also needs to go to his supportive parents. Taking time out of their busy lives to come from Toronto to Philly to watch their son play.

Father: Gary Drysdale

Speaking of Jamie’s father, Gary, is a sales director at Intuit Canada. He boasts a vastly experienced career in business and sales.

In his LinkedIn bio, he mentions he is extremely apt at inspiring and motivating corporate teams to achieve their goals. 

Additionally, responsiveness, leadership, and accountability are his best personality traits.

Indeed, with a resume that strong, there is little doubt about Gary’s know-how in the business and commerce world.

Gary Drysdale, Jamie Drysdale Father
Gary Drysdale, Jamie Drysdale Father (Source: LinkedIn)

Academically, he earned a bachelor’s degree at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

Although not coming from a background in sports, Jamie has undoubtedly inherited his father’s drive for success.

Overall, as Jamie treads through the NHL waters, he always has his supportive parents.

Why Was Jamie Traded From Anaheim?

As an up-and-coming reliable defenceman, fans were certainly bewildered at Anaheim’s decision to trade Jamie Drysdale.

Jamie was traded for Cutter Gauthier, a 19-year-old Boston sophomore with no NHL experience.

Jamie Drysdale On The Ice For The Ducks
Jamie Drysdale On The Ice For The Ducks (Source: LA Times)

Anaheim Ducks GM Pat Verbeek also clarified the decision as being only hockey-related and nothing personal.

“It was, in the pure sense for me, a pure hockey trade to help our organization and put a player in our system or our organization that we do not have.”

Fans and analysts are keen to see who gets the better part of the trade and whether the Ducks’ decision to move on Jamie will backfire in the future.

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