Jan Stenerud Wife Patty: Married Life And Kids

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Jan Stenerud, a legendary NFL kicker, lives a gentle and tranquil life in Kansas City with his wife and children.

After playing over 15 seasons in the NFL, Jan Stenerud became a well-recognized face in American Sports.

Beyond the boundaries of the gridiron, his personal life story is distinct, involving elements that span transcontinental boundaries.

Pro Football Hall Of Famer, Jan Stenerud
Pro Football Hall Of Famer, Jan Stenerud (Source: Pro Football History)

Jan Stenerud, a former football kicker in the NFL, was born in Norway. He excelled as a ski jumper and earned a skiing scholarship to enroll at Montana State.

During his sophomore year, the college’s basketball coach noticed Stenerud showcasing his football kicking skills.

Thus, he started playing football as a kicker, and the legend of Jan Stenerud began. The crown jewel of his playing career was the Super Bowl IV victory in 1970.

Jan Stenerud Wife Patty

Jan and his wife Patty live together in Kansas and are gracefully admired by their community.

The pair have been married for a long time and share a great bond of trust and love.

A partner of a well-known personality, Patty has stood by Jan as an unwavering pillar of support.

Whether it be the highs and lows of sporting events or his post-football ventures, he has always had the full support of his wife.

One of the moments Jan cherishes the most is his post-match celebration with his wife after the KC Chiefs triumph in Super Bowl IV.

Consequently, Jan’s love and admiration for his wife were fully displayed during his Pro Football Hall Of Fame induction speech in 1991.

Jan Celebrates With His Wife After Winning Super Bowl IV
Jan Celebrates With His Wife After Winning Super Bowl IV (Source: Facebook)

Describing her as the most important person in his life, the kicker became teary-eyed in the enshrinement speech.

Following his football career, Jan and his wife moved to Colorado to try their hands in the business field.

Living in Colorado while working in business development for HNTB Architecture, Jan and Patty found a harmonious balance between their professional and personal life.

However, after many years in Colorado, they again returned to Kansas.

Originally hailing from Norway, Jan became an American citizen in 1974 and is ever grateful for the opportunities the country has given him and his family.

Post his football career, he has stayed afar from the public limelight, rarely appearing in interviews.

He gravitated towards a more private lifestyle, choosing to reside with his wife, Patty, in the calm surroundings of Kansas City.

The Stenerud Family: Shared Love for the Kansas City Chiefs

Jan and Patty have formed a lovely family unit with their three children, Shane, Clancey, and Betsy.

As responsible parents, they have raised their children the right way.

While he hasn’t talked in detail about his children, Jan ensured that he acknowledged them during his Hall of Fame speech.

In addition, Clancey is an avid football fan and a loyal supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Stenerud Family Are Avid Supporters Of The Chiefs
The Stenerud Family Are Avid Supporters Of The Chiefs (Source: X)

On her social media platform X, she regularly shares posts related to the KC Chiefs and provides updates on their NFL season.

Additionally, the Stenerud family can be seen attending Chiefs’ games from time to time. They share a strong unity and a family togetherness.

Needless to say, the Stenerud family is esteemed in Kansas City, thanks to Jan’s illustrious football career.

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