Jay Glazer Family: Wife Rosie Tenison And Kids

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Jay Glazer family: Since the beginning of 2023, Jay Glazer has been engaged to Rosie Tenison, his future wife.

Before this, he shared four years of marriage with Michelle Graci.

During their marriage, the former couple joyfully welcomed a daughter and extended their family by adopting a son.

Jay Glazer And His Fiancee Rosie Tenison
Jay Glazer And His Fiancee Rosie Tenison (Source: Instagram)

Jay Glazer, a prominent television personality and sports reporter, has been a fixture in the industry since 2004.

Renowned for his role as a National Football League (NFL) insider on Fox Sports’ NFL pregame studio show, “FOX NFL Sunday,” Glazer delivers exclusives, late-breaking updates, injury reports, and other crucial information to the audience.

In recognition of their collective excellence, the show’s entire cast, including Jay Glazer, received the prestigious honor of induction into the TV Hall of Fame in 2019.

In addition to his work on “FOX NFL Sunday,” Jay Glazer has been a significant presence in FOX’s Thursday Night Football television coverage.

Jay Glazer Family: Engaged To WIfe-To-Be

On March 19, 2023, Jay Glazer made a heartfelt announcement, revealing his engagement to former model Rosie Tenison in Santa Monica, California.

According to insiders, Glazer’s choice of location held special significance, as it marked where he and Tenison had their first date during their initial courtship.

In a surprising revelation on Instagram, Glazer opened up about his past relationship struggles, acknowledging the challenges he faced on his mental health journey.

Jay Glazer Announces His Engagement With His Now Wife-To-Be, Rosie Tenison
Jay Glazer Announces His Engagement With His Now Wife-To-Be, Rosie Tenison (Source: Instagram)

The source explained that Glazer and Tenison had experienced a previous breakup, coinciding with Glazer’s exploration of mental health issues detailed in his book, “Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety into Motivation and You Can Too.”

The source noted that during this time, Glazer struggled with feelings of unworthiness of love, leading to the separation from Tenison, whom he recognized as his soul mate and the love of his life.

The insider continued, stating that Glazer “just didn’t feel worthy of love” during that period.

However, the narrative turns positive as the couple has reconciled and enthusiastically embraces the prospect of a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

Before he engaged with Tenison, Jay Glazer married Michelle Graci in 2006 for four years.

From this marriage, they welcomed a daughter named Lucy Glazer.

Additionally, the couple had expanded their family through adoption, bringing a son named Samuel into their lives.

Who Is His Wife-To-Be Rosie Tenison?

Rosie, a former TV personality and model, achieved fame during the 1990s.

She grew up in Caldwell, Idaho, alongside three older brothers and a twin sister named Renee.

The dynamic duo of Rosie and her sister quickly emerged as a formidable force in the modeling world, gracing the pages of the iconic magazine Playboy during the early stages of their careers.

Rosie With Her Twin Sister Renee Tenison In 2019
Rosie With Her Twin Sister Renee Tenison In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Their collective presence added a unique flair to the industry, capturing audiences’ attention and solidifying their status as notable figures in the fashion and entertainment landscape.

Beyond her modeling pursuits, Rosie ventured into acting, leaving her mark on popular television shows such as “Married with Children,” “LA Heat,” and “Malcolm & Eddie,” among others.

In a testament to her evolving career, Rosie has transitioned into the fashion world as a clothing designer.

She owns and operates the boutique Varga in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

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