Jay Norvell Son: Jaden Norvell Is A Sooners Supporter

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Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, Jaden Norvell, the son of the head football coach Jay Norvell and his wife, Kim Norvell, has been immersed in the football world for a solid decade.

His dedication to the sport has led him to either actively participate in, passionately discuss, or avidly watch football for the past ten years.

Notably, Jaden’s commitment extends even further, as he has consistently attended live games in person every single week for an impressive 14-year stretch.

Jaden’s father, Jay Norvell, boasts an impressive football legacy of his own.

Little Jaden And Mother Kim
Little Jaden And Mother Kim (Source: Instagram)

As a former player and a seasoned college football coach, he currently holds the position of head football coach at Colorado State University, a role he assumed starting with the 2022 season.

Prior to this, Jay served as the head football coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, from 2017 to 2021, leaving a significant mark on the program.

The Norvell family’s connection to the sports world runs deep, as Jay’s father, Meritt Norvell, held a prominent role as the athletic director at Michigan State University from 1995 to 1998.

Jay Norvell Son Jaden

Jaden Norvell, the only child of his parents, Jay and Kim Norvell, came into the world in 1999, gracing Norman, Oklahoma, with his presence.

The remarkable story of Jaden’s mother, Kim, is a testament to resilience.

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at six months, medical experts painted a bleak picture of her future, with grim predictions suggesting she might not even reach the first grade.

Nevertheless, Kim defied the odds, emerging as a cancer survivor after undergoing the removal of 13 inches of her colon.

Each day begins with an arduous hour of vigorous coughing, a necessary ritual to awaken her organs before embarking on the day’s challenges.

Jaden's First Day of School Back In 2013
Jaden’s First Day of School Back In 2013 (Source: Instagram)

Following his high school graduation, Jaden embarked on his academic journey at the University of Oklahoma. It was during this time that his deep-rooted passion for football truly blossomed.

As mentioned earlier, Jaden’s love for the game has been a decade-long affair.

This dedication has seen him actively participate in football, engage in passionate discussions about the sport, and avidly watch games, all of which have become an integral part of his life.

Notably, Jaden’s heart beats for the Sooners, and his commitment to his team led him to attend the OU football camp in 2013, solidifying his place among their dedicated supporters.

Father Jay & Family Background

Jaden’s grandfather, Meritt Norvell, a remarkable figure in his own right, entered matrimony with Cynthia, a former model, on July 4, 1962.

Their union brought forth two sons, Jay and Aaron.

Tragically, Cynthia Norvell, a luminous presence in the family, fought a courageous battle against cancer until she passed away at 79, leaving behind a legacy of strength and love.

It’s worth noting that Jay’s faith is deeply rooted in Catholicism, which is an integral part of his life and identity.

Jay Jaden Norvell
Jay Jaden Norvell (Source: Instagram)

As a young athlete, Jay graced the University of Iowa football fields from 1982 to 1985, showcasing his skills and dedication to the game at the collegiate level.

His talent and hard work ultimately led him to a professional National Football League (NFL) career.

In 1987, Norvell donned the Chicago Bears jersey as a linebacker, marking a significant chapter in his football journey.


Who Is Jay Norvell Son?

Jay Norvell son is Jaden Norvell.

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