Jayden Maiava Parents: Father William And Mother Jerushua Maiava

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Jayden Maiava parents, William and Jerushua Maiava, are natives to Hawaii. The couple has raised eight kids, with one of them being the nation’s most sought-after collegiate quarterback.

When the window of opportunity appeared for Jayden, he grabbed it with both his hands. He began the year as a backup QB to Doug Brumfield at UNLV. But after Brumfield was knocked out against Vanderbilt, Maiva didn’t waste the opportunity. 

Jayden Maiava Pictured With His Family Members During The Polynesian Bowl Game In 2022
Jayden Maiava Pictured With His Family Members During The Polynesian Bowl Game In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

He settled into the starting role and led the side to its first Mountain West Conference title game. The quarterback finished the regular season with 2,626 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, and six interceptions.

Maiava earned the Mountain West Freshman of the Year honor and has informed the Rebel fans he will return for the 2024 season. Under Barry Odom, UNLV has had a great first-year turnaround season, and Maiava wants to continue with the side. 

Jayden Maiava Parents: Father William And Mother Jerushua Maiava

Jayden Maiava’s parents, William and Jerushua Maiava, raised eight kids. The family is native to Honolulu, Hawaii, but moved to Las Vegas when Jayden was 13. 

The youngster knew what he wanted to be when he was only six. He would tell his father he wanted to become an NFL player, and his parents let him pursue his dreams.

Jayden had begun his footballing career as a receiver, but his dad instructed him to switch to quarterback when they first moved to Vegas. Previously, in an interview, Jayden had talked about his family life in detail. 

It wasn’t only his parents who were invested in his footballing dream. His uncle, Keone, took him to camps in the summer and told him to get started as a receiver. His aunt and his grandparents from both sides also played an integral role.

Jayden Maiava Pictured With His Family In 2020
Jayden Maiava Pictured With His Family In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

Overall, Jayden comes from a family that has a tight-knit bond. They are also highly religious, with Jayden always thanking the lord first over everyone else for where he has reached in his life. 

Jayden’s parents, William and Jerushua, share a joint Facebook handle. They have shared several family pictures on their social media handle, with the latest one coming in October. 

Jayden hasn’t shared any posts on his Instagram handle but has 2k followers. Nowadays, it has become a must for many collegiate athletes to have a good social media presence, but it doesn’t look like Jayden cares much about what happens off the field. 

Maiava Journey So Far 

Jayden Maiava began his footballing journey in Hawaii, but it was in Las Vegas that he started attracting attention. He began his freshman year of high school at Sierra Vista High School. 

In 2019, he returned to Hawaii and joined Kaimuki High School, throwing for 3,317 yards and 41 touchdowns. Jayden returned to Las Vegas for his senior year campaign and enrolled at Liberty High School.

He led the side to the state title and threw for 2,027 yards and 24 touchdowns. During his time at Liberty, Maiava earned all-league first-team honors. In 2021, the youngster announced his commitment to UNLV.

The athlete said he chose UNLV over Auburn, Louisville, and Tennessee because of the coaching staff. He said the coaching staff kept checking on him and also his parents. 

The UNLV head coach, Marcus Arroyo, played an active role in the recruiting process, with Arroyo calling Maiava and offering him a scholarship. The move has certainly paid off for both sides. 

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