Jeffrey Lurie Brother Peter Lurie Is His Inspiration

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Jeffrey Lurie has an autistic brother, Peter Lurie, who is the primary source of inspiration to do charitable work related to autism.

While growing up, Jeffrey and his family members couldn’t find an effective way to understand and cure Peter.

As a result, the owner of Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffrey, is focused on providing needed materials and donations to help children suffering from autism.

Also, Jeffrey is very close to his younger brother, Peter. They still are each other’s support systems.

Jeffrey Lurie With NFL Player, Jalen Hurts
Jeffrey Lurie With NFL Player Jalen Hurts (Source: Instagram)

Jeffrey Robert Lurie is an American businessman and the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. The businessman bought the Eagles in 1994 by taking a loan from the bank with his mother, Nancy Lurie Marks.

Though he spent millions of dollars while acquiring the Eagles, its valuation has reached $5.8 Billion as of 2023.

To date, the Eagles have won Super Bowl LII and three NFL Championships (1948, 1949, 1960).

In addition to being the owner of the Eagles, Jeffrey is also a producer. He has produced movies like Blind Side, Inside Job, etc.

Similarly, Lurie is also a philanthropist. He has received many awards for his contribution to various foundations and charities, including the National Audubon Society’s Audubon Medal.

Jeffrey Lurie Is Inspired By His Brother, Peter Lurie

Peter is the middle child of his father, Mossis June Lurie, and his mother, Nancy. He is three years younger than Jeffrey. He was born with autism. So, growing up, he was different from his two siblings.

As a result, his parents and siblings used to understand him by reading his eyes. Sometimes, they had a hard time figuring out Peter.

In order to provide him with medical help and therapies, his father and mother wandered different hospitals. However, there was no positive result at that time.

Gradually, Peter and his older brother, Jeffrey, began to have a close bond. The businessman got to understand his younger brother through music and swimming.

Even there were days when Jeffrey used to read Peter’s eyes by staying at the swimming pool and listening to the music.

Peter’s Condition Has Improved

With time, Peter’s condition began to change in a positive way. In his late 30s, he learned to communicate his thoughts by typing them into the keyboard.

In the meantime, Peter expressed his love to Jeffrey and his mother, Nancy. Also, he regretted not being able to mourn his father’s death during childhood. 

Jeffrey is happy to see his younger brother living his life to the fullest by being able to attend concerts, paint, and do exercises.

By observing and going through Peter’s life, Jeffrey has been dedicating his time and investment to raising awareness related to autism.

Jeffrey has done many charity programs. In 2018, he established the Eagles Autism Foundation. In 2023, the foundation was able to raise a fund of $6.2 million

Jeffrey Lurie Wife: Married Life And Kids

Jeffrey Lurie has been married to his wife, Tina Lai, since 2013. They had a private wedding ceremony with their family members and relatives.

Jeffrey Lurie And His Wife, Tina Lai
Jeffrey Lurie And His Wife, Tina Lai (Source: Instagram)

His wife, Tina, belongs to a Vietnamese immigrant family. 

Jeffrey and Tina reside in a home worth that is built on a 13-acre land in Wynnewood. The businessman purchased the building for $14 Million in 2007.

Jeffrey was previously married to Christina Weiss Lurie from 1992 to 2012. She is a film producer. Also, she serves as the President of the Eagles Youth Partnership.

Christina also used to be an Executive Producer for NBC. Jeffrey and Christina share one son, Julian, and a daughter, Milena.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the net worth of Jeffrey Lurie in 2023?

According to Forbes, Jeffrey Lurie has a net worth of $4.4 billion in 2023. He has earned a massive fortune through his businesses. 

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