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Tina Lai is a well-known businesswoman who owns multiple Philly restaurant chains. Tina Lai became a household name after marrying Jeffrey Lurie, a well-known NFL team owner and one of the town’s billionaires.

You might have Tina Lai with Jeffrey Lurie on the main stage if you are stuck around watching the trophy presentation after the Super Bowl.

In this world, many people have come to the media spotlight only because of their husbands.

Tina Lai And Jeffrey Lurie (Source: Naked Philadelphian)
Tina Lai And Jeffrey Lurie (Source: Naked Philadelphian)

Tina Lai is also one of them, after marrying one of the billionaires, Jeffrey Lurie, who is the famous owner of an NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, Tina Lai became the town’s talk.

Well, she is not American but an immigrant from Vietnam and her family has been running many restaurants in Philly.

Therefore, by profession, she can be called an entrepreneur. The following article discusses Tina Lai, her career, net worth, and love life.

But before we move on, have a look at the undermentioned quick facts.

Tina Lai | Quick Facts

Full Name Tina Lai
Birth Date 13, April 1975
Birth Place Vietnam
Nick Name Tina
Religion Undefined
Nationality American/Vietnamese
Ethnicity Asian
Education Lamberton High School
Horoscope Not Available
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings 8
Age 49 Years Old
Height 5’7″/170 cm/1.70 m
Weight 62 kgs/134 lbs
Shoe Size Unavailable
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Unknown
Build Ectomorphic (Lean)
Married Yes
Spouse Jeffrey Lurie
Children None
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $4.4 Billion (Husband’s Net Worth)
Social Media None
Last Update May, 2024

Tina Lai | Early Life, Childhood & Education

Tina Lai was born to Vietnamese parents somewhere in Vietnam.

She is her parents’ youngest child of eight children, but her parents’ identity and the name of her siblings remain in the dark.

Her family escaped from Vietnam in 1978 and moved to Malaysia initially and then to the USA.

Tina has an American ethnicity and is of mixed racial heritage. In Philadelphia, she attended Lamberton High School.

She used to study with her siblings in the school library, as there was not enough space for them to study in their flat.

Furthermore, the media still doesn’t have factual and proper information on Lai’s early life.

Along with her parents and siblings, she came to the United States in 1978 as a refugee from Vietnam and is the youngest of eight siblings.

Lai managed the Vietnam Cafe, which was owned by her brother Benny. In Philadelphia, the Lai family built a life starting with almost nothing.

Further, Lai’s brother Benny is credited with taking over the business, known for the great food “hole in the wall” of his parents.

Tina Lai | Age, Height, Body Measurements

Tina Lai stands at an average height of 1.70 m and weighs 134 lbs.

Still missing from the media are her body measurements, such as dress size, shoe size and etc. Tina’s hair and eyes are both dark-colored browns. 

Tina Lai | Career

When Tina was in the U.S., she began the restaurant company with her siblings and friends. In the year 2008, she worked as a Vietnam Cafe owner.

There is not much information available to the media about her professional career. She only came to media attention due to her husband, Jeffrey Lurie.

But her husband, Jeffrey Lurie, is an American movie maker, businessman, and owner of the NFL Philadelphia Eagles.

He produced five films from his own production house, which was established in 1985 under the name of Chestnut Hill Productions. 

His documentary titled ‘Inside Work‘ has also received an Oscar Award. On May 6, 1994, Lurie purchased the Philadelphia Eagles from Braman for $195 million.

Furthermore, she is also the senior interior designer at Stanford hotels. Also, she is the key factor in handling project management and coordination and in the implementation of communication and production.

Apart from it, her family runs a suite of Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown and Cedar Park in West Philadelphia.

On July 23, 2018, Tina Lai became the Chief Human Resources Officer of Seaspan Corporation (“Seaspan”).

To elaborate, Seaspan is the world’s largest independent containership owner-operator.

As for her duty in the team, Lai is to handle human capital, communications, training, and development.

Before her work with the company, she had previously worked with Metrie, based in North America. Back then, she used to be its vice president.

Tina Lai | Relationship

Their marriage ceremony was held in an intimate ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 4, 2013.

The bridegroom looked impressive during the marriage ceremony, dressing up in a white strapless wedding gown and black tuxedo.

They both romantically kissed each other after exchanging vows and proclaimed themselves husband and wife.

Tina and Jeffrey were together for eight months before tying the wedding knot. They don’t have kids together but enjoy their married life to the fullest.

Her husband shares two children from his previous relationship, a son and a daughter. From 1992 to 2012, her husband Jeffrey Lurie got married to Christina Weiss Lurie.

Jeffrey Lurie & Tina Lai Wedding Picture (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)
Jeffrey Lurie & Tina Lai Wedding Picture (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Initially, Tina and Jeffrey started dating in 2012 after divorcing his ex-wife Christina Weiss Lurie. However, Tina doesn’t share a child with Lurie.

On the other hand, Weiss and Lurie are proud parents to a son, Julian, and Milena’s daughter. 

Added to that, Julian, born in 1995, is a Harvard graduate and is engaged in creative endeavors, whereas Milena, born in 1993, pursued a career as a filmmaker.

As of now, Jeffrey enjoys a happy and blissful life together with Tina, with no sign of divorce or separation to date.

It is safe to say that Tina struck a goldmine with Lurie, both literally and metaphorically, as life seems to be rewarding for the wonderful couple.

Currently, they reside in the 13-acre, four-parcel estate on Cherry Lane in Wynnewood that cost Lurie $14 million.

The media are not aware of her previous dating background. As of yet, Tina isn’t embroiled in any controversy or rumors.

Jeffrey Lurie

A former college professor turned out to be an outspoken CEO and owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie, who has accomplished a great deal in his 72 years.

From teaching social policy students at Boston University to starting up his own production company. 

From winning two Oscars to transforming the Eagles into one of the NFL’s wealthiest franchises, one thing is for sure nobody can accuse him of being lazy.

Having spent the last 25 years designing and forming the Eagles’ vision, Lurie is without question one of the league’s most influential owners.

Lurie serves on several NFL committees – including the Finance Committee, the Broadcast Committee, the International Committee, and the Super Bowl Advisory Committee.

Jeffrey Lurie (Source: Philadelphia Eagles)
Jeffrey Lurie (Source: Philadelphia Eagles)

Over the years, Lurie’s contributions to philanthropy have been almost as well known as he has for his contributions to the Eagles.

Especially remarkable is his role in raising awareness (and funding) for autism – a cause that is too close to his heart because his brother has the disease. In 2017, Lurie created the Eagles Autism Challenge. 

This triathlon donates 100 percent of its participant-raised income to Autism research at Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital, Drexel University, and the University of Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Health.

Recently, on Wednesday’s episode of Bloomberg’s “Business of Sports” podcast, the CEO discussed the Philadelphia culture in a 2022 interview.

The Eagles’ owner, Jeffrey Lurie, talks about the risk and ridicule that came with buying the team for $185 million in 1994.

Lurie depicts his admiration for socially engaged players like Malcolm Jenkins and his controversial decision to sign Michael Vick after his release from prison.

He also talked about how he helped make Questlove’s Oscar-winning documentary “Summer of Soul” and how Julian Lurie, his son, might one day become the owner of the Eagles.

Jeffrey Lurie | Trivia

  • Jeffrey Lurie, a former social science professor, is the passionate owner of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles franchise.
  • In 1994, Lurie took out a loan for $185 million to purchase the Philadelphia Eagles. The team is now estimated at $3.1 billion.
  • In 1983, Lurie took on an executive role at General Cinema Corporation, the film business that his grandfather created.
  • He created Chestnut Hill Productions two years later, where he produced a series of mostly forgettable films.
  • Lurie owns the team at over 90 percent. He founded the Eagles Autism Challenge, which over the past two years, has raised $6 million.
  • His former wife, Christina Weiss, has been given ownership of the Eagles.
  • Lurie grew up in Boston & was a big sports fan of Boston.
  • He’s been outspoken regarding politics in America.
  • He got his master’s from Boston University.
  • He has won two Oscars.

Tina Lai | Net Worth & Salary

Tina Lai may have gained a decent amount of money through her enigmatic career, but the media always lack the exact sum of her net worth.

Being the wife of a successful business person, we may conclude her net worth is not less than $100k

Tina may have earned a decent salary, but at the moment, the exact sum of her salary is not available. She certainly enjoys the whopping net worth of her husband, too.

Her partner, Jeffrey Lurie, is an American businessman and the owner of the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles, who, as of 2019, has an estimated net worth of around $2 billion.

His critical sources of income are his Philadelphia Eagles NFL team, which he purchased in the year 1994 at $185 million.

In addition to his financial earnings, he owned a Wynnewood estate worth about $14 million, consisting of a large area, including a tennis court and a greenhouse.

Which he sold for $8.5 million in 2009. In addition to her husband’s earnings, Jeffrey’s net worth is about $4.4 billion.

He listed 764th in the Forbes list along with other billionaires, including Jeff Bezos and Jerry Jones.

Some Of Jeffrey’s Cinema Earnings Are:

  • Sweet Heart Dance– $ 3,790,493
  • I love you– $16,186,793
  • V.I. Warshawski– $ 11,128, 309
  • Foxfire– $269,300

Jeffrey also owns a lakefront mansion worth about $28.5 million, covering the 2-acre Palm Beach property.

Moreover, he also holds a vast house priced at $15 million, purchased in 2006.

In addition, he also has a good range of cars that includes some of the expensive car brands of recent times. 

There is no question that Tina will undoubtedly live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle with his husband and other members of her family.

The Popularity Graph

Tina’s graph illustrates a good amount of search, which is due to her marriage to the famous Jeffrey Lurie.

Tina Lai, The Search Graph (Source: The Google Trend)
Tina Lai, The Search Graph (Source: The Google Trend)

As people search for Jeffrey, they search for his wife, too, to keep up with his life.


Which degree did Tina Lai graduate with?

Tina Lai graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.

Who is Jeffrey Lurie married to currently?

Jeffrey Lurie has been happily married to Tina Lai since 2013, and the couple is still together in 2022.

What is Tina Lai’s Nationality?

Tina Lai is Vietnamese by Nationality and belongs to the Asian ethnicity. 

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