Jelena Ostapenko Health & Illness Update: Weight Gain Because Of Diabetes?

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Jelena Ostapenko has no health concerns and is currently fit and competing in the Australian Open. Previously, a few tennis fans showed concern over the Latvian tennis players’ weight gain. 

The former World No.5 Jelena Ostapenko’s weight gain has been a topic for quite some time. But the Latvian doesn’t seem too bothered about it. And the rumors of her suffering from Type 1 diabetes are false. 

The Latvian Tennis Player Started 2024 On A Strong Note By Winning The 2024 Adelaide International
The Latvian Tennis Player Started 2024 On A Strong Note By Winning The 2024 Adelaide International (Source: Instagram)

The World No.10 has returned to being one of the best in the court and now, with her partner Lyudmyla Kichenok, looks to win her first doubles major title. The two will go head-to-head against Elise Mertens and Hsieh Su-wei.

Ostapenko was knocked out of the singles tournament in the third round by the Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka. But now the 26-year-old has a chance of winning her first major Grand Slam title in six years, with her last coming in the 2017 French Open. 

Jelena Ostapenko Health: Does She Have Type 1 Diabetes?

The Latvian tennis player Jelena Ostapenko health has been a topic of curiosity among tennis fans for several years. Previously, some fans even believed that the former world no.5 suffered from Type 1 diabetes. 

But in none of her interviews has Jelena talked about suffering from any illness. Suffering from diabetes can be lethal for any athlete and a huge matter of concern, and if Jelena had Type 1 diabetes, she would have at least talked about it in her interviews. 

Several athletes from various sports have continued their sporting careers despite suffering from diabetes. One of the examples is world no.6 men’s tennis player Alexander Zverev.

The German Tennis Player Alexander Zverev Seen With His Insulin Pen During A Tennis Match
The German Tennis Player Alexander Zverev Seen With His Insulin Pen During A Tennis Match (Source: Twitter)

Zverev was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age three. Doctors told his parents he would never be an elite athlete, but the German never gave up on his dreams. 

Zverev has been previously seen injecting insulin in between matches. Last year, during the French Open, a controversy arose when Alexander was told to leave the court to inject his insulin.  

Despite all his health issues, Alexander has become one of the best tennis players in the world.

So, if Jelena did have Type 1 diabetes, the entirety of the tennis world would’ve known about it, as athletes with Type 1 diabetes are seen with insulin pens and diabetes monitors. 

Reason For Jelena’s Weight Gain 

Some fans say that despite Jelena’s weight gain, she doesn’t seem affected, as the Latvian is always injury-free.

Some fans believe that it’s the Latvian’s sweet tooth that gets the best of her. Jelena’s fans might know she loves baking and even has a separate Instagram handle to show off her baking skills. 

On her baking handle, Jelena has shared snaps of her making the classic Russian cake, Napolean cake. Last year, she shared photos of her homemade cheesecake and macaroon cookies.

It is clear that the tennis player is a huge fan of cakes and anything sweet. But if Jelena was only eating sugary foods and not following a diet plan, then we probably wouldn’t see her in the finals of the Australian Open. 

Jelena And Her Love For Baking Isn't A Hidden Fact Among Her Fans
Jelena And Her Love For Baking Isn’t A Hidden Fact Among Her Fans (Source: Instagram)

Only last week, Jelena sat down for an interview with Tennis Major, when she revealed she was doing a lot of fitness and running with her coach. Currently, the Latvian is being coached by Stanislav Khmarsky.

Having been a professional athlete for more than a decade, Jelena knows how to handle her weight and knows what’s best for her body than anybody else. 

Jelena might not look like your average tennis player, but that doesn’t mean she always eats unhealthy. She has returned to the top 10 rankings and recently even won the Adelaide International tournament. 

If Jelena would have been slightly unfit, she or her coach would have pulled out of the international tournaments. But she is competing and not only just competing, but winning as well. 

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