Chris Shula Wife Jennifer And Kids: Family Life Of Rams New DC

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The talented American football coach Chris Shula shares a tight-knit family with his wife and daughter, who stand as pillars of support in his life.

Chris Shula is a highly experienced coach, boasting a career spanning more than a decade.

Aside from sports, he is a family man, finding joy and fulfillment in the loving embrace of his wife and daughter.

LA Rams DC Chris Shula
LA Rams DC Chris Shula (Source: Rams Wire)

Chris Shula is an American football coach who is the new defensive coordinator for the LA Rams.

Additionally, he is also a former player, most notably as a linebacker for the Miami University.

He began his coaching career in 2010, as the assistant linebackers coach for Ball State University.

He has held various roles at the Rams since 2017 and has been appointed as their new defensive coordinator.

Chris Shula Wife And Kids

Chris exchanged wedding vows with his partner Jenifer in 2021, and the couple have one daughter, Avery. He forms a close-knit family bound by strong ties and genuine affection.

Although he is a public figure, Chris has not extensively shared details regarding his personal life.

Perhaps he values his privacy and knows the damage that unnecessary media attention can bring to one’s personal life.

Especially as a coaching figure, his role is to be a leader and inspire his players. So, press attention on his personal life can be a roadblock.

Chris Married His Wife In 2021 And Has One Daughter
Chris Married His Wife In 2021 And Has One Daughter (Source: CBS)

For the moment, he prefers to put his focus on his coaching. He ensures that his dedication to family and career coexists harmoniously in his balanced life.

Being an NFL coach, Chris navigates through different cities, leading a bustling life. Consequently, balancing his workload and allocating time for his family can pose a challenge.

Regardless, as his stature in the game grows, the intrigue surrounding his personal life will multiply.

It will be interesting to see if he chooses to be more candid about these matters in the future.

Chris Is The Grandson Of A Legendary NFL Figure

Football runs through the blood of the Shula family. Chris is a third-generation coach, with his dad and grandad also involved with the job previously.

To begin with, he is the grandson of Hall of Fame NFL coach Don Shula. Don led the Miami Dolphins to two Super Bowl wins and had the only perfect season in NFL history in 1972.

Known for his values of discipline and leadership, his impact extends beyond the football field, making him a respected figure in the sport.

Don Shula Won Two Super Bowls With The Miami Dolphins
Don Shula Won Two Super Bowls With The Miami Dolphins (Source: ESPN)

Similarly, Chris Shula’s dad, Dave Shula, is the former NFL head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Dave brought new energy and ideas to the Bengals during his coaching stint.

While not reaching the same heights as his father, Dave Shula remains a part of football’s legacy, sharing his insights and experiences in the game.

It is clear that football is in the DNA of Chris Shula. As a third-generation coach, he continues the illustrious legacy of the Shula family in the NFL.

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