Jermain Defoe Religion: Is He Christian? Ethnicity And Origin

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Soccer coach Jermain Defoe is a devout Christian. He grew up in a Catholic home and went to a Christian school. 

Defoe’s faith is an important part of his life, as he himself admits it. He even has a Psalm 91 tattoo that speaks loudly of his faith. 

Jermain Defoe
Former English Soccer Player Jermain Defoe (Source: The Independent)

Jermain Colin Defoe OBE, born on 7 October 1982, is an accomplished English soccer coach and former professional player.

Starting his journey at Charlton Athletic, he swiftly rose through the ranks, showcasing his prowess as a striker.

His notable spells at West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Portsmouth marked his career, demonstrating his goal-scoring brilliance.

Defoe made history in the Premier League, achieving the milestone of 100 goals and becoming the league’s top-scoring substitute.

His international presence was impactful, too, earning 57 caps for England and scoring 20 goals, including a memorable stint at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Currently, he mentors aspiring talents as the under-18s coach at Tottenham Hotspur.

Jermain Defoe Religion: Is He Christian? Ethnicity And Origin

Jermain Defoe was born in Beckton, East London, to a Dominican father and a mother of Saint Lucian descent. 

Defoe is a devout Christian whose faith plays a significant role in his life. He grew up in a Catholic home and attended a Christian school, where he developed strong religious values.

In an interview with Toronto Life, when asked about the ten things that he can’t live without, he named the Bible. He stated, “I always have one with me. I grew up in a Catholic home, and my family taught me to have faith.”

Jermain During Christmas (Source: The Mirror)

He finds solace in his faith, especially during challenging times, believing that disappointments might ultimately be blessings in disguise.

One manifestation of his faith is his Psalm 91 tattoo, a visible testament to his beliefs. Defoe’s trust in God is unwavering, and he views his soccer skills as a divine gift.

He emphasizes the importance of family and faith, acknowledging that these values become more significant with age.

Despite his strong religious beliefs, Defoe faced an allegation when he was named in divorce papers by Tony Calvert, the jilted husband of Rachel Calvert, who accused Defoe of breaking up his marriage.

This incident led to questions about Defoe’s actions conflicting with his Christian values. However, Defoe himself has not publicly commented on the matter in relation to his faith.

Defoe Reacts To Dale Houghton’s Mockery Of Bradley Lowery

Sheffield Wednesday supporter Dale Houghton faces jail after pleading guilty to mocking the death of child mascot Bradley Lowery.

The authorities charged Houghton, 31, with a public order offense after he shared an image on social media depicting himself and another man laughing at Hillsborough Stadium, holding a photo of Bradley. He died of neuroblastoma at the age of six in 2017.

Defoe, who had a close friendship with Bradley, condemned Houghton’s actions, stating, “I’m appalled and saddened by the actions of the individual in question.”

Defoe urged the public to support Bradley’s parents, Gemma and Carl, and praised their work with the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

Sheffield Wednesday fans initiated a fundraising appeal, collecting over £22,500 for the charity.

Houghton is set to be sentenced on 17 November, facing a potential jail term. Bradley’s mother, Gemma Lowery, described the incident as “unforgivable” and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the public.

The funds raised will contribute to the foundation’s project, Super Brads Pad, a holiday home for families of terminally ill children.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Jermain Defoe religion?

Jermain Defoe religion is Christanity. 

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