Adebayo Akinfenwa Bio: FIFA, Stats, Wife & Net Worth

Adebayo Akinfenwa is a name we have heard a lot about in football. He is an exemplary individual who is deeply settled amongst millions of hearts.

Football is considered one of the most fascinated sports globally. It is a boost to the stamina and the mental awareness of the players.

Who doesn’t love football? In short, it is a game that has renamed itself as the most passionate sport ever. The level of dedication and strength this sport requires is beyond elaboration. 

As a renowned player, Adebayo Akinfenwa follows the sport as his only passion in life. He is a player who considers his passion as an energy that can light his soul up in the best way possible.

Akinfenwa is known for his devotional skills and techniques.

Adebayo Akinfewa
Adebayo Akinfenwa

Let’s acknowledge the journey he has set so far. Before pondering in, have a sneak peek at a few of the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full NameSaheed Adebayo Akinfenwa
Birth DateMay 10, 1982
Age40 Years Old
Birth PlaceIslington, London, United Kingdom
Nick NameThe Beast
NationalityEnglish/ British
EducationNot Available
Father’s NameNot Available (Muslim)
Mother’s NameNot Available (Christian)
SiblingsBrother, Daley Akinfenwa (Twin)
Height1.85 meters (6 ft 1 inch)
Weight102 kg (224.87 lbs)
Hair ColorBald usually (hair color not revealed)
Eye ColorBlack
Body MeasurementNot Available
GirlfriendNo Girlfriend currently (Single)
Children5; as per the reports (name not mentioned)
ProfessionProfessional Footballer
Net Worth$10 million, approximately
Salary£130,000 yearly salary
AffiliationsWycombe Wanderers FC
Active Since2003
Jersey Number 20
Social MediaInstagramTwitter
MerchThe Beast: The Story
Last UpdateSeptember, 2022

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Personal Life and Family

Adebayo Akinfenwa took birth in Islington, North London, and is of Nigerian origin. His dad is a Muslim, and his mom is a Christian, and while he observed Ramadan as a child, he is now a Christian.

Akinfenwa is a dear mate of Clarke Carlisle, his past teammate at Northampton Town. As a child, he held Liverpool, and his ideal player was John Barnes.

He has been listed as the most powerful footballer globally in various FIFA video game set versions.

Young jadebayo akinfenwa
Young Adebayo Akinfenwa

He was asked to visit the launch party for FIFA 15 adjacent many stars and Premier League members, including Rio Ferdinand, George Groves, and Lethal Bizzle, in September 2014.

Akinfenwa reportedly shows around 100 kilograms (16 st; 220 lbs) with his rippling muscles.

Likewise, he can bench press up to 200 kg (31 st; 440 lbs), almost substituting his own body weight.

He operates an apparel label called Beast Mode On, which plays on his great status. In addition, he has an autobiography, The Beast: Headline Publishing.

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Adebayo Akinfenwa | Football Career

Early career

Adebayo Akinfenwa, as a teen, joined the Lithuanian club FK Atlantas on his agent’s advice, whose Lithuanian wife’s brother knew a member of the coaching staff there.

While with the club, Akinfenwa won the 2001 Lithuanian Football Cup final and was rivaled in the UEFA Cup qualifying rounds for two consecutive terms.

He faced racial insults from followers in the nation. Adebayo mentioned that he wondered if there would be no one to disrespect him while arriving in London.

Adebayo Akinfenwa and his childhood picture

It is because it was brazen. He couldn’t handle such awful racial talks anymore. He just had a wish to play and progress on whatever he was doing.

Adebayo used two years at the club before reverting to the UK early in 2003, where he entered to Welsh Premier League champions located at Barry Town.

Adebayo aided Barry in Welsh Cup and Welsh Premier League service throughout his term at Jenner Park.

But, just a few events into his job, the club underwent a fiscal disaster and cleared its adept playing team.

In October 2003, Adebayo soon entered Boston United making a last-minute victor in his rookie season next to Swindon Town.

Yet, unable to settle, he glided to Leyton Orient the next month but was freed after one month.

Later he moved to Rushden & Diamonds in December 2003 and entered Doncaster Rovers, his other term club, in February 2004.

Torquay United

Adebayo swapped clubs again, hiring Torquay United to substitute David Graham in July 2004.

He made 14 league scores during the 2004–05 term but could not aid the club skirt match. As a result, he declined to get a new contract with Torquay at the session’s finale.

Swansea City

Adebayo went to Swansea City and managed to pay an £85,000 fee as payment in July 2005.

He counted on his debut next Tranmere Rovers, and this was also the first ambitious goal made at Swansea’s new Liberty Stadium.

He made the leading goal in the 2006 Football League Trophy Cup, in which Swansea struck Carlisle United. Adebayo also aided Swansea in getting to the League One progression play-off final in his initial session.

The match went to a penalty shoot-out after a 2–2 draw, but Adebayo was two Swansea athletes to refrain with their penalties, granting PR to Barnsley.

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The next season, he was a usual player until a fractured right leg in the 2–0 loss at home to Scunthorpe United closed his term. This arose in a broken left leg in the upcoming month.


Later, he rejected a new contract with Swansea and agreed to sign Swindon Town at the end of the 2006–07 season on 29 June 2007. But, he failed treatment.

In November 2007, after recovery and practice at Gillingham, he entered League One team Millwall on a month-to-month deal. However, he lost to score any goals in seven forms.

Northampton Town

Adebayo made a deal with Northampton Town till the 2007–08 term on 18 January 2008. He made his rookie season next to Swindon Town, where he came off the board to score a late equalizer in a tie.

Adebayo then had the same impact in his home debut, scoring the equalizer in a 1–1 draw against Leeds United.

And later began the next match, at home to Gillingham, and made two goals in a 4–0 victory. He made three extra goals that period.

Adebayo signed a new one-year contract at Northampton despite Leyton Orient and Grimsby Town’s interest on 30 May 2008.

He initiated the 2008–09 season well, scoring twice in three games by the end of the month.

Adebayo ended his visit to Northampton in May 2010. He proposed a new contract, but Northampton could not accept a deal with him in an acceptable timeframe.


He approved for Gillingham on a one-year deal and scored on his première with a header next to Cheltenham Town on 29 July 2010.

Adebayo Akinfenwa playing football

While he was at the Gills, Akinfenwa formed a powerful connection with Cody McDonald, and the duo could make 36 goals during that period.

Return to Northampton Town

Akinfenwa was given a new deal by Gillingham after the 2010 to 2011 period but decided to get back to Sixfields in May, after the new Cobblers handler.

Gary Johnson got him in to “catch the fans’ vision.” He made his initial intent next Bristol Rovers in August.

In a match against Accrington Stanley, Akinfenwa made his first and only professional hat-trick on 10 November 2012.

Three years after, with Northampton coping financially, Adebayo sold off the shirt he wore in this game and gave the yields to a fans’ security, fostering £440.

Northampton Town freed him at the end of the 2012–13 period.

Return to Gillingham

On 2 July 2013, Adebayo signed for Gillingham again on a free shift.

Later reigniting his strong alliance with Cody McDonald, making ten goals over the 2013–14 session and getting third in their Supporters Player of the Year honors, Adebayo left the club at the end of his one-year deal.

AFC Wimbledon

Adebayo was playing for AFC Wimbledon in 2015. He was confirmed for League Two side AFC Wimbledon, who had sought his sign for 14 months, on 20 June 2014.
On 5 January 2015, after the next step of the FA Cup, AFC Wimbledon hosted Liverpool at Kingsmeadow. Again, Adebayo sat next to the club he supports, albeit in a 1–2 failure.
Adebayo prolonged his deal with Wimbledon, rejecting League One and Major League Soccer clubs’ concerns on 8 June 2015.
After marking a penalty in a 2–0 victory next Plymouth Argyle in the League Two Play-off Final, Adebayo was freed from his deal on 30 May 2016.
Find his all cards on

Wycombe Wanderers

After his exit from AFC Wimbledon, Adebayo confirmed for Wycombe Wanderers, initially on a one-year lease. He was chosen for the EFL League Two Player of the Season prize in April 2018.

Wycombe gave him a new deal in May 2019, which he accepted on 12 June. With his hit next Doncaster Rovers on 29 February 2020, Adebayo fitted Wycombe’s record goalscorer in the English football league with 54 scores.

Adebayo and Wycombe won the 2020 EFL League One play-off Final over Oxford, promoting the EFL Championship for the first time in both the player’s career and the club’s history on July 13, 2020.

Adebayo ended the term as the club’s joint-top league goalscorer with ten total scores. He signed a one-year contract extension with Wycombe on 16 July 2020.

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Racism

This condition in Lithuania came on when Adebayo was 17 or 18. He had just been freed from Watford, and his assistant at the time was wedded to a Lithuanian woman.

FK Atlantas, the president of a Lithuania club, came to see one of his matches at Watford. After he got freed, he proposed to Adebayo’s agent.

As per Adebayo, he was sold to the team Lithuania already. But, he had never even heard about the country, which somehow led him to think twice. Later he realized that the country was a country with brilliant players.

Additionally, he mentioned that when an individual is young, they’re fearless, and they just don’t refer, taking into account that they didn’t speak the language, that they didn’t like the food or the color of their skin.

Moreover, he said that he just wished to play soccer. There was no red iris until the first match.

The initial match he played was a pre-season game, and like most preseason games, he played the native team, so he didn’t play in an arena; he worked on a strike where all the followers were very close nearby.

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Similarly, he hit off, and he went out to the flats so that we could play askew. Adebayo chested the ball beneath, went down the lane, and right away heard monkey hymns.

In his mind, he held that it couldn’t be. Then, when I got the ball anew, monkey hymns. The second time he clearly knew it was lemur hymns.


Adebayo went to case the ball down over, and then the chants rose, “Ziga, ziga, ziga, rake the ******* ******.”

After, he froze and glanced around and was like, ‘huh?’.

And then what made it more acute, of the 1000 people verifying it, 500 were from the away crew, and 500 were his own partners.

The off followers initiated it, and then the home fans – his home supporters – got in.

Further, he got into moiety-rate.

His crew chief competed in Poland, so he talked a bit of English, but everyone extra, even the administrator, only spoke Lithuanian, so he didn’t know what they were saying.

Adebayo asked the chief what ‘ziga, ziga’ intended, and he calmly said it was zip; they just repeated it with the n-word.

The other half came, and they initiated doing over, so he waved to the administrator he was getting off. Then, as he got off, there was a huge boom.

He took the president’s call and called his older brother as he got off. This was 20 years ago, but he says that he remembers it like it was recently.


Adebayo told him he was coming home, his brother asked him what befell, and Adebayo told him they were promoting racism and were harming him with their words.

He said he wouldn’t tell Adebayo to stay anyplace.

Beast says he wasn’t compatible, but they would prevail if he went. That was all he implied.

It was hilarious. As Adebayo would like to say, it was like a movie, and musicology sprang striking, and he went to go and hit them, but as early as he got off the call, he still wished to go home.

He didn’t mind; they could sway.

Adebayo went to bed that evening – call it an angelic invasion; he believed God was talking to him – but he then woke up, deeming nobody would kick him out of any place.

The thing that hurt him was that he let them make him come off that pitch in the other half; it still breaks Adebayo to this day.

A few people will say it wasn’t a fault, but it was a blunder for him. He says that he was naive and that he hadn’t gone over those events.


Adebayo realized that he was the first black person in the match, one of maybe ten black people in Klaipeda, a prominent place.

A month into his stay, his lover at the time, and his brother, who was 14, came buying with him, and the entire place closed down as three black individuals came in.

To this time, his brother still keeps telling him how nervous he feels, but he has got so related to the anxiety, which should never be the cause.

It would help if thee never got used to that, but he got into it.

Adebayo obtained goals; he got to the equal of the FA Cup final, FK Atlantas didn’t win a cup in 11 years, he won it 1-0, and he made the score.

He didn’t want to say that he was a legend amongst his own followers, but Adebayo was the man who brought a cup, and they ended up saying the bigoted insult.

They ended due to what he did on the ground, not because they kenned him, which gave him a fog level.

How can someone accept an individual because they are making goals for the team but entirely hate them just because of their skin tone?

They never knew Adebayo either way, so it was a lot of stupidity and fear of the desert for him.

They never saw a black man end up, so whatever had been filled into them was what they were stating, but as Adebayo was making goals and conveying rapture to their side, they stared past the tone of his peel.

A lot of confusion came into the game and what he got from the whole trial was that some people are fearful of what they don’t grasp.

Complete Opinion

There’s an oblivious bent, and then there’s obvious bias, which was clear right in his face. So there is no further addition to it, there is bias, and Adebayo has had an awful practice.

It’s a mindset. He was tender, brave, and went for things he never imagined he would have to.

This was many years prior, and he had to go to the internet coffeehouse to use MSN Messenger or buy phone cards to phone home, so he was alone when he went along it.

Finally, he opened up his initial Adidas shop, and he didn’t pay in eateries anymore or at the movies. He didn’t mean that they were cool with him; they were fine as he brought them comfort.

There were steppingstones from seeing a black soul to seeing a black individual who scored goals and did well for their players.

He didn’t say he would ever do it over or want to do it repeatedly, but he is happy that he went by it in a roundabout way as it molded him into the person he is now.

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Also, he thinks that we’ve all got a tale to tell, an autobiography. This was a bit of him.

The feast is the evil word, but he thinks one should enfold their tests and trials and hurdles, and he had never had an obstacle speaking of it.

Seldom when someone is going through their most immoral times, that molds one for their light bits.

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Criticisms

Too big to play football

There is still the thought that the mouth seldom acts before the brain, but in a way that convinces.

Once, one media member felt the sharp side of Adebayo’s tongue after advising the image he propelled – he has earned the nickname “Beast” his own – was just a persona, a trick.

jadebayo akinfenwa
Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo says that he has been given many opportunities to be himself, and as the talks pour out, it would take some bold decision to accuse him of simulation.

He mentioned that his confidence isn’t a reward for anything, and he never set out to be this way.

Adebayo has always been trapped within several judgments and has tried to convince many that he is just him.

It doesn’t depend on how big or strong he is. It honestly just depends upon his capacity to do and analyze things.

Further, he says that he always focused on his game no matter how much he heard from people. As a result, he never got distracted by awful words.

The critics are no one today, and Adebayo is a renowned football player with an immense following.

The most excellent thing he gets from all these things is that he can be himself and people seem to like it.

Adebayo said that when someone gets into a position of success and fame in a place they have been craving so far, it fires the desire to do even greater.

Adding Up

The critics are important, too, as they are the ones who point out the mistakes that wouldn’t ever be caught by sight via loved ones.

Adebayo talks about the directions life has given to an individual. It is either left or right and the paths that decide your future.

The paths to the future may carry either good or bad experiences. He then adds that most of his friends chose the wrong path, which led them to prison or off in other bad ways.

In short, he analyzed the good and bad via his friends, and he learned from the mistakes he and his friends made. This is what prevented Adebayo from getting on the wrong path.


This magnificent player said that football has always been responsible for saving his grace. He always wants to let people know that they can achieve whatever they dream of.

Most people love pointing out the things one can’t do, and later it becomes fun to prove them wrong by going across the boundaries the people have set for others.

In other terms, breaking societal boundaries may be fun.

Adebayo said that it is pointless to argue that strong people aren’t quick. He adds that these are all baseless clues as the speed doesn’t really depend upon how strong you are.

It all depends upon the level of dedication and commitment one puts in the genre they want to excel in.

Honor has had its perks. Adebayo has more than a million fans across his social media platforms.

His “Beast Mode On” apparel line has led to business events on both sides of the Atlantic. So it is a unique day when people don’t recognize him on an ongoing route.

He has five children. He mentioned without promptness, saying that he is proud to have five children.

And he takes care of them the best with all the efforts he can give. Adebayo has his children grounded as he believes no matter how far you reach, you shouldn’t forget the floor we used to step in.

Adebayo got emotional in a talk. Once he stepped home and started saying, “I stopped by LA and Las Vegas,” and before the word went on, the children stopped him telling him to stop making noise.

He further adds that he feels that his children feel embarrassed to have him.

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Opinion on himself

The more severe vocation rose now, and there was quite a voice for Adebayo when, upright after helping AFC Wimbledon to elevation in the play-off final at Wembley, he got himself a free doer.

His terms aired live by the slant’s view where he mentioned that he didn’t have any employment due to which any type of managers hit him up on WhatsApp.

They tried getting in from the US, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, and Qatar.

The request came by the relatively old-fashioned prophet of a text, and it hit a chord with Adebayo.

The two kenned each other as playing rivals of old, and Ainsworth says they “had that sense of honor for each other, the look you can give someone that says when they actually know what you are on.

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Net Worth and Salary

Expert football pros can get lots of cash. But profits depend on many various portions. These cover the player’s field and, of course, their listings.

At the top end, athletes in the United Kingdom and Western Europe can make up to $50 million. Top soccer players make $1-2 million a year in a few countries.

When in places where soccer is not as common, players earn a few hundred thousand a time as in the United States and China. The most despicable paying alliances can pay under $50 thousand per cycle.

Adebayo’s net worth in 2019 was around $8 Million – $8.5 Million. As of today, Adebayo’s net worth in 2021 is around $10 Million.

Net Worth of Adebayo Akinfenwa in Different Currencies 

Here is the net worth of Adebayo Akinfenwa in different currencies, including the Euro and Pound.

CurrencyNet Worth
Pound Sterling£7,560,350 
Australian DollarA$14,044,940 
Canadian DollarC$12,940,300 
Indian Rupee758,169,500 

Adebayo Akinfenwa | Social Media Presence

Instagram: 1.4 million followers 

Twitter: 262.91k followers

The athlete has great fans and mostly shares his life as a professional player on his social media handles.

Let’s not forget the iconic moment when Jose Mourinho delayed his press conference to get a selfie with Adebayo, and Akinfewa wouldn’t let him leave without getting one either. 

Adebayo Akinfenwa | FAQs

Who is the Strongest Player in the World?

As per the Fifa 15 processor game, Adebayo is the “world’s most powerful athlete.” He came to be known as “the Beast” due to his impressive size.

The player has made more than 160 goals in his work. In addition, he owns a raiment range named “Beast Mode.”

Has Adebayo Akinfenwa received a red card?

Yes, the athlete received a red card in 2016 and also served a two-game suspension because of it. 

Did Adebayo Akinfenwa undergo knee surgery?

Yes, the footballer underwent successful right knee surgery on July 27, 2020. 

What did Pep Guardiola say about Adebayo Akinfenwa?

Pep Guardiola called Adebayo a “legendary striker.” 

What is the Weekly Wage of Adebayo?

The weekly wage of Adebayo is £2,500.

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