Jerod Mayo Parents: Father Wilson Hinds & Mother Denise Mayo-Hinds

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Get to know the parents of Jerod Mayo, Wilson Hinds, and Denise Mayo-Hinds as he becomes the new head coach of the New England Patriots.

The Patriots hired Jerod Mayo one day after parting ways with legendary coach Bill Belichick on Friday. 

In this article, we will delve into the player’s background while exploring the lives of Jerod Mayo’s parents.

Jerod Mayo Joined New England Patriots As Their Inside Linebackers Coach In 2019
Jerod Mayo Joined New England Patriots In 2019 As Their Inside Linebackers Coach (Source: PatsPulpit)

Jerod Mayo Sr., born on February 23, 1986, is a prominent figure in American football. He is currently serving as the head coach for the New England Patriots in the NFL.

Jerod Mayo’s journey in football began in Hampton, Virginia, where he attended Kecoughtan High School.

Excelling as a linebacker and running back, he emerged as a four-star recruit, ranking eleventh among outside linebackers nationwide.

Similarly, Mayo opted for the University of Tennessee and played for the Volunteers football team from 2004 to 2007.

In the 2008 NFL Draft, he was selected by the New England Patriots, marking the beginning of an illustrious eight-season career.

Likewise, Mayo was named Defensive Rookie of the Year and earned Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro honors in 2010.

Jerod Mayo Parents

Despite his successful football career, Jerod Mayo remains deeply connected to his roots and family.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia, he was brought up by his mother, Denise Mayo Hinds. She raised Mayo as a single mother alongside his three brothers.

Denise went on to marry Wilson Hinds, a native of Greenville, Mississippi. As per reports, the pair currently reside in Hampton, Virginia.

Not much about Jerod Mayo’s parents is known, as they maintain a low profile.

Jerod Mayo's Step Father Wilson Hinds
Jerod Mayo’s Step Father Wilson Hinds (Source: Facebook)

However, Mayo shares a particularly close bond with his mother. He often brings joy and camaraderie to the locker room by involving her in team moments.

Known for his lighthearted spirit, Mayo occasionally puts his players on the phone with his mother, adding a touch of warmth to the team dynamics.

Growing up without a father figure, Jerod Mayo found guidance and support from his grandfather, Walter Johnson.

As a chief master sergeant in the Air Force, Johnson instilled values of hard work and discipline in his grandson.

These principles, stemming from a military background, became the foundation for Mayo’s motivation and success.

Despite the absence of a traditional father figure, Mayo’s relationship with his grandfather remains strong.

He continues to embody the teachings of Walter, emphasizing giving back to society and getting things done with precision and efficiency.

Jerod Mayo Is The New Head Coach Of The Patriots

In a significant turn of events, Jerod Mayo has assumed the role of the head coach for the New England Patriots.

Mayo, at 37, became the youngest head coach in the NFL following the departure of Bill Belichick.

Reportedly, the Patriots had established a succession plan in the contract extension Mayo signed last offseason.

It facilitated his quick ascent to the coaching role, allowing the Patriots to bypass the regular NFL hiring process.

Jerod Mayo Was Named The Patriots Head Coach On January 12, 2024
Jerod Mayo Was Named The Patriots Head Coach On January 12, 2024 (Source: WGBH)

Mayo’s appointment also breaks new ground, as he becomes the first African American head coach in the history of the Patriots.

He joined Belichick’s coaching staff in 2019 after spending his entire NFL career with the Patriots.

Given his history as an inside linebackers coach, Mayo had garnered significant support among players, particularly on the defensive side.

Mayo aims to bring success back to the Patriots, a team that has missed the playoffs in three of the past four seasons.

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