Jerome Tang Wife Careylyen Rey: Kansas State Coach Married Life & Kids

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Jerome Tang and his wife, Careylyen Rey, met on a blind date while he was working at Heritage Christian.

Kansas State Coach Jerome Tang and his wife Careylyen have been happily married for twenty-six years. They tied the knot on August 2, 1997.

On their 25th anniversary, Jerome posted a heartfelt message on social media: Happy 25th Anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life, Careylyen Tang. We’ve only just begun!!!.

Their love for each other is clear from their Instagram posts, showcasing their happy and fulfilling married life.

Jerome Tang A College Basketball Coach
Jerome Tang A College Basketball Coach (Source: Instagram)

Jerome Tang is a college basketball coach currently serving as the head coach for the Kansas State University Wildcats.

He was born on October 7, 1966, in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, but later moved to Texas at the age of 10.

Not much is known about his playing career, but Jerome began his coaching journey in 1993. He was a basketball coach at Heritage Christian Academy for ten years.

Later he joined Baylor University as an assistant coach under Scott Drew. Over the years, he rose through the ranks and was appointed associate head coach in 2017.

Tang played a pivotal role in Baylor’s journey to winning the national championship 2021.

On March 21, 2022, Tang was announced as the head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats, succeeding Bruce Weber, who retired.

Jerome Tang Wife, Careylyen Rey

Jerome Tang shares a blissful marriage with his wife, Careylyen Rey. Born on January 4, Careylyen recently celebrated her birthday in 2024.

Tang consistently marks his wife’s birthday with heartfelt wishes. In 2021, he penned a loving message for her 44th birthday, calling her his soulmate and best friend.

Their love story began on a blind date when Tang was coaching Heritage Christian Academy. They fell deeply in love and exchanged vows in 1997.

Jerome Tang Wife Careylyen Rey
Jerome Tang Wife Careylyen Rey (Source: Instagram)

Even after 26 years of marriage, their spark is still the same. Both maintain their relationship and frequently spend time visiting different places.

While Jerome openly shares glimpses of their relationship on his Instagram, Careylyen prefers to keep a low profile, maintaining private accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Though she is less active on social media, she is frequently seen accompanying her husband, Jerome, to various events.

Kansas State Coach Married Life & Kids

Jerome Tang and Careylyen Rey are two happily married couples. They are parents to four children, including three boys and a precious daughter.

After marrying in 1997, they adopted Lamar Hurd and Richard Hurd, and later, they had their son, Ayvin Seven Tang, and daughter Aylyn Tang.

Tang frequently acknowledges all his sons, biological and adopted alike, especially on occasions like National Son’s Day, emphasizing the bond they share as a family.

Jerome Tang With His Kids
Jerome Tang With His Kids (Source: Instagram)

Ayvin Seven Tang, Jerome’s son, is currently studying at Baylor University in Texas. He was born on January 11, 2001, in Cleveland, Texas.

He graduated from Live Oak Classical School in 2020, and during his time there, he was in the cheerleader team.

Similarly, his sister Aylyn, also pronounced Island, graduated high school in 2022. On May 29, 2022, Jerome proudly shared a photo of Alylyn’s graduation and extended warm congratulations to his future Wildcat in a heartfelt post.

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