Jerry Kelly Wife Carol Kelly: Illness And Health Update

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Jerry Kelly wife, Carol, had a serious health scare in 2021. The golf veteran was by his wife’s side during cancer treatment. 

It scares Jerry how close he came to losing his beloved partner; thankfully, Carol was lucky as the cancer cell were not fatally malignant.

The Kellys seek positivity in any form following her diagnosis. Despite feeling low last year, Jerry channeled his determination to win trophies.

Jerry Kelly Wins PGA Tour Champions Playoff
Jerry Kelly Wins PGA Tour Champions Playoff (Source: ESPN Sports)

Jerome Patrick Kelly, well known as Jerry, is a professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on November 23, 1966.

Kelly has bagged a massive 18 professional wins as he has three PGA Tour wins, two Korn Ferry Tour and eleven PGA Tour Champions wins under his name.

A University of Hartford graduate, Kelly turned professional later in 1989. But, his PGA Tour debut came only in 1996, followed by a successful 1995 season on the second-tier Nike Tour.

Jerry Kelly Wife: Carol Kelly

Carol Kelly is the wife of renowned golf player Jerry Kelly. A golf course lover herself, Carol has been the biggest supporter of her husband.

The couple has a son together named Cooper Kelly. Cooper is a University of Colorado graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Jerry Kelly Celebrates Shaw Charity Classic Victory With His Wife Carol
Jerry Kelly Celebrates Shaw Charity Classic Victory With His Wife Carol (Source:

Golf has always been a family affair for the Kellys. Not only is Carol an avid supporter of Jerry but also Cooper is a willing helper on the course for his father.

Carol’s son played with his father and his uncle, who helped him with his swing and putts. Interestingly, he has been working as a Project Manager at Korn Ferry. 

Carol is a dedicated mother and a huge motivation for her golf champion partner.

Carol Kelly Diagnosis Of The Illness 

The golfer’s wife first consulted doctors after seeing a trace of blood in her urine. However, two doctors dismissed that as a normal urinary tract infection.

But when she doubled over in pain and went to the emergency room, they suspected it to be kidney stones. 

Jerry Kelly With His Wife Carol
Jerry Kelly With His Wife Carol (Source: Twitter)

After doing a CAT scan, doctors found a cancerous mass on Carol’s kidney. Even a biopsy wasn’t needed as it was just as big as her kidney.

Reportedly, the tumor was four centimeters by six centimeters. Luckily, the form of cancer found in Carol’s kidney didn’t require radiation or chemotherapy and had a high survival rate.

In fact, that was her second bout with cancer. Carol previously had Stage 3 melanoma in her leg when she was pregnant with her son Cooper in 1998. 

Carol Kelly Health update

The doctors performed surgery in September 2021 to remove Carol’s right kidney after finding the cancerous mass. She has been on a steep road to recovery since then.

Carol is undergoing immunotherapy treatments of Keytruda every three weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. There are side effects like feeling run down for a couple of days after treatment.

The “every-three-week” routine began in January 2022, and Jerry hates to miss any of it. He is very devoted to accompanying her to treatment.

Doctors observe her situation through scans every six months. So far, Jerry and his wife, Carol, have received great news from her doctors regarding her fight against kidney cancer.

The couple is diligent in keeping her up to date on all the scans and bloodwork. And it’s something they have to focus on every six months for the rest of Carol’s life. 

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