Jerry Rice Wife Latisha Pelayo: Retired Life And Kids

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Jerry Rice wife, Latisha Pelayo, is a symbolic mark of a heartwarming second chance at love for Jerry Rice.

He proposed Latisha at the DeBartolo Family Foundation All-Star Charity Gala, Marriott Waterside Hotel, and Marina in Tampa, Florida.

Jerry is enjoying his retired life, being among the players with the longest career in NFL as a wide receiver in NFL history.

Jerry Rice American Former Professional Football Player
Jerry Rice, American Former Professional Football Player (Source: Instagram)

He played 20 seasons in the NFL, winning three Super Bowl titles with the San Francisco 49ers and achieving numerous records, including career leader in major statistical categories for wide receivers.

Rice’s connections with quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young are among the best in NFL history.

In 2010, the Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted Jerry Rice, honoring him for his exceptional contributions to the sport.

Jerry Rice Wife Latisha Pelayo: Ex-Wife 

In 2008, sparks flew as Jerry met Latisha Pelayo, and their love story began to unfold.

For 11 incredible years, they nurtured their bond, and on October 21, 2019, they rang the wedding bells.

Jerry Rice and the Latina beauty Latisha Pelayo celebrated their beautiful wedding at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valle.

Jerry Rice & His Wife Latisha Pelayo
Jerry Rice & His Wife Latisha Pelayo (Source: Instagram)

The reception continued in the wine cave, adorned with custom-scented candles, and the night ended with a four-tier wedding cake cutting and dancing, captured by photographer Julie Kay Kelly.

Emily Coyne Events and Alexis Raine Events collaborated to plan the event, while Pico Soriano Designs provided enchanting and dreamy florals.

Ex-Wife Of Jerry Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell

Before marrying Latisha Pelayo, Jerry Rice was previously married to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell.

Jerry Rice married Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell on September 8, 1987. Despite their age difference, Jerry saw something special in Jackie when they met while she was a high school senior and he was a college football star.

However, they went through a divorce, which was finalized in late December 2009.

Kids Of Jerry Rice

Jerry and his ex-wife Jacqueline have three children together: Jacqui Bonet (b. 1987), Jerry Rice Jr. (b. 1991), and Jada Symone (b. 1996).

During his marriage to Jacqueline, Jerry also became a father to another son, Brenden Rice, born out of wedlock with a woman named Djakarta Edwards.

Jerry Rice Jr.

Jerry Rice Jr., 28, followed in his father’s footsteps as a wide receiver, attempting a football career. After playing at UCLA and UNLV, he tried out for NFL teams but went undrafted.

Unfortunately, injuries hindered his chances, and he eventually transitioned to a successful career as a real estate agent in the Bay Area.

Jacqui Bonet

Jacqui, the oldest of Jerry Rice’s children, initially pursued a music career as Qui but later transitioned to real estate.

In 2017, she founded Tressley, an online marketplace for hair extensions and products, and co-founded GOAT Fuel, an energy drink and lifestyle brand, alongside her father.

Jerry Rice Daughter Jacqui Bonet
Jerry Rice Daughter Jacqui Bonet (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, GOAT has officially been announced as the official energy drink of the Los Angeles Lakers, skyrocketing the brand name.

Jacqui married her long-time boyfriend, songwriter, and business partner, Trevion J. Gold, in 2021.

Jada Symone

Jada, the youngest daughter of the Rice family, graduated from the University of San Francisco and established herself as a financial consultant.

Furthermore, she contributes to the family’s GOAT Fuel company, collaborating with her father and sister to drive the success of their energy drink and lifestyle brand.

In 2018, Jada, Jerry Rice’s daughter, made headlines after bravely speaking out about an incident involving her ex-boyfriend, NFL player Jeremy Liggins.

Jada Symone Daughter Of Jerry Rice
Jada Symone, Daughter Of Jerry Rice (Source: Instagram0

During a night out, Jada confronted Jeremy about other women approaching him.

The situation escalated into a physical altercation, prompting her mother to call the police, but no arrests or charges were made.

Despite the past challenges, Jada has moved forward and is now engaged to the football player Jasper Friis.

Brenden Rice

Brenden Rice, the 6 years old football star, did not grow up with his half-siblings and had a distant relationship with his father, Jerry Rice.

However, in recent years, their bond has grown more substantial, and they now have a closer connection, communicating frequently throughout the day.

Jerry Rice Son Brenden Rice
Jerry Rice Son, Brenden Rice (Source: Instagram)

He committed to the University of Colorado’s 2020 class, drawn by the school’s rich history and Coach Mel Tucker’s vision for the team.

After entering the transfer portal, Brenden Rice successfully transferred to USC on January 18, 2022, and continues playing there.

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