Jersey Jerry Girlfriend Genesis Anaya Is A Proud Mom

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Jersey Jerry is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Genesis Anaya.

Genesis has been a supportive partner to Jerry, standing by him even though they haven’t officially tied the knot yet. Together they share a beautiful baby boy.

Jerry With His Wife And Son
Jerry With His Wife And Son (Source: Instagram)

Jersey Jerry is a host and podcaster for Barstool Sports. He gained recognition through his podcast called “Out of Respect with Jersey Jerry,” where he talks about significant sporting events.

His popularity grew after his podcast “Friend of Jerry,” where he shares his personal journey of overcoming addiction and how his experience with rehabilitation helped him.

Jersey Jerry was born in 1994 in Belleville, New Jersey, and with the love and support of his family, he was able to overcome his addiction.

 Although he was a gifted student, his struggle with addiction made his academic journey complex.

As a public figure, Jersey Jerry discusses his personal life, struggles, and experiences on his podcasts, such as “Out of Respect with Jersey Jerry” and “Friend of Jerry.”

Through his storytelling, he aims to connect with his audience, share lessons he’s learned, and inspire others who might be facing similar challenges.

Jersey Jerry Girlfriend

Genesis Anaya is a New Jersey native who is dating the podcaster Jersey Jerry for a long time.

Many online sources claim that Genesis is a designer by profession, but they have confused her with another woman of the same name. 

Regardless, there isn’t much information about his girlfriend since she has stayed out of the limelight and has kept her social media private. 

Girlfriend Genesis Anaya And Son
Girlfriend Genesis Anaya And Son (Source: Instagram)

What we know is that she grew up with two sisters, Natalie Mendez and Tiffany Medina, in Belleville, New Jersey. 

Anaya is a supportive girlfriend who has stayed by his side through thick and thin. Together, the couple are raising a son, Gerard Joseph. 

The family of three recently enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Colombia. They were pictured chilling in a swimming pool and beach, eating out in fancy restaurants, and having fun.

Jersey Jerry Was A Former Addict 

On April 7, 2022, Jerry wrote a blog on the Barstool Sports website, where he proudly stated that he was seven years clean and sober.

There, the podcaster went into detail about his story about addiction, rehab, and his journey into the world of sports journalism.

At the end of the content, Jerry dedicated his seven years anniversary to his son and mentioned that his child has given him more reason to stay sober and loves him the most.

This year, he has already celebrated his eight years sober sharing a post on Instagram.

Growing up, Jerry also worked as a pipe fitter, a period of his life he frequently discusses on his podcast.

Regrettably, his battle with addiction led him astray during this phase. He squandered his earnings on substances, leading him to a period of profound darkness.

Learning from his past, Jerry currently serves as the official representative for the Diamond Recovery Center.

His primary goal is to motivate individuals through his personal journey and provide support to those grappling with addiction.

Jerry With His Mother
Jerry With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

In addition, as an inspirational speaker, he addresses the topic of mental health challenges and offers guidance on overcoming them.

The podcaster also reflects on the fortune of being raised in a loving family. 

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Jerry conveyed his heartfelt wishes and posted a touching message expressing deep gratitude to his mother for unwaveringly supporting him during his most challenging times.

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