Jessica Pegula Ethnicity And Nationality: Where Is She From?

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Jessica Pegula Ethnicity: Jessica Pegula is an American professional tennis player and one of the top women’s tennis players. She is of half-Asian ethnicity.

Pegula has achieved career-high WTA rankings of world No. 3 in singles and world No. 1 in doubles.

She currently holds the fifth position as the best women’s tennis player in the world.

Jessica Pegula The Professional Tennis Player
Jessica Pegula The Professional Tennis Player (Source:

Jessica Pegula was born on February 24, 1994, to Terry Pegula and Kim Pegula in Buffalo, New York.

The player began her tennis journey at seven, inspired by her older sister Laura’s involvement in the sport.

In an interview, Jessica said, “I watched her matches and her practice since Laura played tennis in juniors and college.”

Therefore, she started taking lessons after school three or four days a week, doing tennis camps.

During her first qualifier event, although she lost the match, she made a surprising comeback. Later, she achieved her first professional win in her debut Grand Slam singles match.

However, she steadily climbed the rankings, progressing from the top 125 to 100, then to the top 60, and eventually reaching the top 20 and 5 since then.

Jessica Pegula Ethnicity And Nationality

Jessica holds American nationality as she was born in the States.

She has a mixed ethnic background. Pegula’s ethnicity is a combination of half-Korean and half-American.

After winning a game in Seoul, she stated, “I’m half Korean. My mom is Korean, and she was adopted from here.”

Her mother was born in Seoul, South Korea, but an American family adopted her, while her father is American.

Moreover, Jessica hails from a background of wealth and affluence, with her parents being multi-billionaires.

Pegula Family: Parents, Siblings And Husband

Jessica Pegula’s parents, Terry and Kim Pegula, own Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

Terry Pegula, an American businessman, possesses a net worth exceeding $7 billion.

He, the son of a trucker and coal miner, grew up in relative poverty and started working in a coal mine at 15.

Terrence Michael Pegula later transformed into a self-made billionaire by initiating a natural gas drilling company with an initial investment of $7,500.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s mother, Kim, born in Seoul in 1969, endured early years of extreme poverty due to parental abandonment.

In 1974, at the age of 5, Kim was adopted by Ralph and Marilyn Kerr and brought to America.

Jessica Pegula Parents Kim And Terry
Jessica Pegula Parents, Kim And Terry (Source:

Later, Kim graduated from Houghton College, and shortly after, she encountered Terry in a restaurant.

Jessica’s mother currently serves as the CEO of Pegula Sports, as well as the co-owner and president of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, alongside her husband.

Pegula has four siblings: Kelly Pegula, Matthew Pegula, Michael Pegula, and Laura Pegula.

She, Michael, and Laura are Kim and Terry’s children, whereas Kelly and Matthew are her step-siblings.

In 2021, Pegula wed Taylor Gahagen, a corporate executive at Pegula Sports and Entertainment and a philanthropist for animals.

Jessica Mother Cardiac Arrest

In June 2022, Jessica’s mother suffered a cardiac arrest while sleeping. Upon waking and noticing her condition, Terry promptly called Laura.

Laura administered CPR to her mother until the ambulance arrived.

Furthermore, Kim’s recovery took approximately two weeks, and all members of the Pegula family had to take shifts to care for her.

Jessica later revealed how she shed tears during her game and expressed gratitude to her mother for her strength.

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