Jim Miller And Wife Angel Miller Are Raising Four Kids

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Jim Miller wife, Angel Miller, is a dedicated partner and an incredible mother to their children. They have beautifully raised their four kids.

Jim Miller is a mixed martial artist from the United States who currently fights in the UFC’s lightweight division.

He has the most fights in UFC history, the most win in UFC history, and in its lightweight division. Additionally, he is the younger brother of Dan Miller, a former UFC fighter.

Jim Miller And Angel Miller Wedding Photo
Jim Miller And Angel Miller’s Wedding Photo (Instagram)

Jim was born in Sparta Township, New Jersey, on August 30, 1983. He and his brother Dan initially followed in their father’s footsteps. They assisted their father with his construction projects.

Miller has been battling Lyme disease, which physicians had been initially unable to diagnose. Nonetheless, he has mitigated the appearance of the disease by adjusting his diet since his diagnosis.

He is a true family man for whom everything he does is for his wife and children.

Jim Miller Wife Angel Miller

Jim Miller is married to Angel Miller, who exchanged vows in 2008, and the couple has been married for around fifteen years.

The athlete and his spouse, Angel, first met at Jim’s MMA training facility. They met while working out a circuit in a kickboxing class.

Angel and Jim reside with their children in northern New Jersey.

Jim is an affectionate and focused husband to all reports. He enjoys life as it is, seeking to learn all he can, from discharging his father’s bolt to remodeling his kitchen and making the cupboards.

Angel is preoccupied with fitness, and she enjoys spas and a healthy lifestyle. They both enjoy sharing their homemade wine and lager.

Jim likes to cook, so he works in the kitchen when the couple has visitors. From broiling a whole embrace to creating carrot cakes with carefully created plunged caramels, he loves doing all of it.

Jim Miller And Angel Miller Enjoying Cooking Together
Jim Miller And Angel Miller Enjoying Cooking Together (Instagram)

A while back, Jim posted a photo on Instagram of them enjoying cooking together.

The caption read:

“Angel and I, we work together really well in the kitchen. Our strategy is to divide and conquer in a way. Like if one is wrangling the kids, the other is working in the kitchen. So while we don’t have many collaborative recipes, we know how to work together in the kitchen by splitting & sharing tasks. A+ team right there!”

Angel, too, keeps sharing photos of his husband and kids, capturing every small detail in their life, from cooking to Jim’s games and the kids’ achievements.

Jim Miller And Wife Angel Miller Are Raising Four Kids

Jim and Angel have four children, two girls and two boys. Their names are Amelia Marie, Wyatt Andrew, Cassidy James, and Sawyer Lincoln.

Jim And Angel With Their Children
Jim And Angel With Their Children (Instagram)

The four Miller children are the loveliest, and they have an incredibly tight bond.

When Angel was pregnant with their first baby girl, Jim took up the task of creating his daughter’s nursery furniture on his own.

Angel writes on Instagram that she is immensely proud of her children and their accomplishments in general. Her entire account is packed with images of her children, to the point where we can’t find a single photo of her.

She ensures that kids know they have her support in all they do, from going to new schools to meeting new friends to growing up every day. She appreciates her family and is grateful to them.

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