Is Joe Joyce Christian Or Muslim Or Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity

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The netizens often shower the British-born boxer Joe Joyce with queries regarding his ethnicity and religion.

Even if Joyce prefers to give the silent treatment, fans are already taking turns to assume & dig in about his personal life.

While there is no clear answer about his religious belief, it is known that the boxer, with an impressive 15-1 record, grew up and studied in a predominantly white neighborhood located in Putney.

But there is no doubt he believes in the religion of hard work & a strive for betterment.

Keeping aspects of his personal life on hold, Joe does have answers to the raised eyebrows about his potential as a fighter.

He began boxing relatively late, at the age of 22, which is much later than some of the great champions in the sport, like Mike Tyson, who won a heavyweight title at 20 & became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce (Source: Instagram)

Despite starting later than many boxers, Joyce has been successful in the boxing world.

He has competed at the national level and won a silver medal in the super heavyweight class at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Furthermore, Joyce has held the WBO interim heavyweight title from 2022 until April 2023.

Joe Joyce Ethnicity & Religion

The London-born boxer comes from a mixed ethnic heritage. He was born to a Nigerian mother and a Scottish-born Irish father.

Joyce grew up and studied in a predominantly white neighborhood in Putney, South West London.

There has been some speculation regarding Joyce’s religious beliefs. While some sources have suggested that he may be Jewish or Muslim, the majority of sources cite him as a Christian.

However, Joyce has not confirmed any particular religious affiliation and has not publicly stated which religion, if any, he follows.

There is no indication from any of the boxer’s social media posts that he adheres to any particular religion.

Though, he likes to talk about spirituality and often shares stories & quotes about spiritual beliefs on his social media.

It is worth noting that many athletes prefer to keep their religious beliefs private, and seems Joe Joyce is no exception.

Family Details Of Joe Joyce

Joe Joyce was born on September 19, 1985, to Marvel Opara and Phillip Joyce. But his parents are not together now; they separated when he was just two years old.

His father, Phillip, attended Stanway Secondary School before enrolling in Sir Charles Lucas School.

Phillip also pursued Newland Park Teachers Training and now serves as the managing director of The Gliding Workshop.

On the other hand, his mother, Marvel, is registered blind with only seven percent vision and currently resides in London, United Kingdom.

Joe Joyce With His Mother & Younger Brother
Joe Joyce With His Mother & Younger Brother (Source: Instagram)

She became blind following an accident when she was four and attended a school for visually impaired children.

Well, Joe’s mother, Marvel, is no short of being an inspiration to her kids & to the community. She trained in martial arts and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with the help of a guide in 2017.

Additionally, she is a fan of pottery and passed on her artistic skills to Joe, who also uses painting as a form of relaxation. In fact, the boxer has painted his idol, Muhammad Ali.

Joe Joyce has a younger brother named Torann Opara, who is currently a high school student and a musical artist.

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