Joe Rogan Ethnicity: Race, Origin & Religion

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Fans want to know more about Joe Rogan ethnicity after he said that his grandparents come from diverse backgrounds.

People have been making him the subject of controversy due to his views on race and religion.

Tracking back his ancestry, his grandparents come from Irish and Italian heritage.

Joe Rogan Practices Martial Arts
Joe Rogan Practices Martial Arts (Source: Instagram)

In recent years, Joe Rogan has managed to establish himself as an influential media personality. He is his own brand, and some even claim that he has a cult following. 

Rogan rose to fame after he started his color commentary for the UFC. On top of that, he has also hosted Fear Factor and his podcast. 

The Joe Rogen Experience (JRE) is his biggest asset, where he interacts with guests from all disciplines. 

He advocates for free speech and free media from his podcast, which has pulled him into several controversies.

Rogan also does stand-up comedy and has an aura that enchants his listeners by mixing humor, politics, and even drugs in his podcasts.

Moreover, he even moved his podcasts from YouTube to Spotify exclusively because YouTube frequently tried to censor him and his guests. 

What Is Joe Rogan Ethnicity And Religion?  

Joe Rogan is of mixed ethnicity, as he draws a lineage from people of different backgrounds. He elaborated on his ethnicity in a tweet that he posted in 2011.

Rogan writes, “My grandfather on my father’s side, Pappy Rogan, is straight off the boat from Ireland. I’m 3/4 Italian 1/4 Irish.”

One of Rogan’s grandparents is Irish, while the other three of them are Italian. Whether he gets his Irish heritage from his mother’s side or his father’s is still not clear. 

Let’s Talk About His Religion 

Rogan grew up in a Catholic household and was taught a great deal about the religion.

He also attended a Catholic school where they taught him about god and why you should love him.

However, in recent years, Joe says that he has abandoned organized religion, and it is just a means to brainwash the masses. 

He is now an agnostic who believes that the concept of god cannot be known so easily. 

Read Joe Rogan Origin Story 

Rogan is someone who comes from humble origins. He didn’t receive everything he has today on a silver platter.

Rogan’s father was abusive and left him and his mother when he was seven years old. He started his martial arts journey in his early teens. 

He says that he used to be terrified as a teen, and participating in martial arts boosted his confidence. 

Joe Rogan Taking A Post Match Interview With Israel Adesanya
Joe Rogan Taking A Post Match Interview With Israel Adesanya (Source: MMAFighting)

Rogan took up Karate and Taekwondo, which inspired him to pursue a career in kickboxing. 

It was in his Taekwondo gym that his friends convinced him to try stand-up comedy due to his humorous nature. 

In the 80s, he started his stand-up journey and was working several other jobs to keep himself financially stable. 

Rogan later got the opportunity to host Fear Factor and UFC. While watching a UFC match, the Jiu-Jitsu fighting style impressed him, prompting him to start training in it.

He is a black belt under several Jiu-Jitsu schools. Rogan started his famous podcast, JRE, in December 2009, and the rest is history.


In 2022, Joe had to face a lot of heat for making controversial statements regarding black people. 

The controversy started after Grammy-award-winning artist India Arie posted a video – showing the podcast host explicitly using the N-word on multiple occasions throughout the tenure of his podcast.

Joe Rogan Gets To Talk With People Of Different Ethnicity, Race And Religion In His Podcast
Joe Rogan Gets To Talk With People Of Different Ethnicity, Race And Religion In His Podcast (Source: Instagram)

It did not stop there, as Arie had another video to share. This time, it was Rogan telling a racist story that finished with him comparing Black people to characters in the film Planet of the Apes.

He did eventually apologize for all of it saying it looks horrible even for him. But added that it was all mushed up and the context had been edited out. 

Joe said that it was never his intention to be a racist, and he will always stand against racism. 

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