Joel Glazer: Man Utd’s co-chairman made fans appear on the pitch

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Manchester United-affiliated chairman Joel Glazer has broken the 16-year-old’s silence on the ownership of his club family. 

And told a fan meeting he wants to “win all the competitions we compete with.”

Glazer promised that contacting supporters was very important. After United’s involvement in the European Super League debacle.

He expressed the intention to establish a ‘Fan Advisory Board.’ In addition, to “consult with the party’s top leadership and owners.” 

It is hoped that significant progress will be made before next season.

Glazer outlined what he saw as the best aspects of ownership. In a wide-opening speech at the conference since 2005.

One of the fans present at the meeting said they were shocked by Glazer’s participation. However, some questions did not receive specific answers.

In addition to answering questions, Glazer took a follow-up. Which also meant the meeting was extended by almost another 20 minutes.

“And it’s always the greatest pleasure on getting to with the fan forum. To listen to the views of supporters, also to answer their questions. And in addition, getting to share ideas on how we can improve the way we work together,” said Glazer.

“As owners, we would want something exactly like what the fans always want from us, that may be a successful team and a strong team. And we still want to work together to achieve all those goals.”

Glazer takes fans’ complaints.

Glazer spoke at a visible meeting in an office in the United States with almost only United monuments.

Eyewitnesses said he appeared to be deeply moved by the content of a statement read. 

At the start of the meeting on behalf of the 11-member delegation. He spoke of their view of the club’s position, excluding stock prices and media coverage.

Glazer takes fans' complaints (Source: British GQ)
Glazer takes fans’ complaints (Source: British GQ)

Glazer allegedly pointed back to the content of those opening remarks several times. And it did not provide a photo of the person who participated in the event.

His silence earlier, he said, was due to the desire to retreat to the public side of the business. And not be in the news as some owners used to do. 

He acknowledged that this could be considered childless but emphasized that this was not the case.

Full details of the actual time for questions and answers will not be released until next week. When United hopes to publish the full minutes. 

A party official said it was probably the most important fan forum in the history of fan stadiums.

Glazer has answered all questions, including those surrounding the club’s massive debt burden. And split payments that provide the family with millions of dollars in salaries every quarter. 

He also confirmed that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be given funding to strengthen his team. 

At the same time, he was pointing out that the coronavirus epidemic had affected the United financially.

However, perhaps the most important aspects of a close two-and-a-half-hour event focused on club building.

The Follower Advisory Board will consist of representatives of elected fans. 

In addition to the figures for large groups, at least one member of the Glazer family will be required to attend all meetings. 

This is intended to ensure that we do not repeat the ESL decision, which went against the wishes of the majority of United fans.

Talks will start again with a shared fan scheme. In theory, this will allow them to build a cohesive figure in the club. 

And, at the same time, make a significant contribution to its future direction.

The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) said they were “wary” of the proposal. And whether it would meet their criteria.

The thing that they could not say: “Despite the voting rights that this proposal has shown us just before, the Devil is always in the details.

Joel Glazer (Source: New Indian Express)
Joel Glazer (Source: New Indian Express)

“And furthermore, in particular, while Joel Glazer always emphasizes that this will surely be the largest club owners’ club in the entire world of football. 

It should be concerned that the program will limit the number of available fan shares. 

Thus reducing the chances of gaining a combined number of fan owners. And ultimately lead to a change in club control.”

Positive words, and now the action is required.

Aside from spending money on the team, Glazer says the club “will now speed up. The process of planning the most important investment and improving the stadium.” 

He also organizes the work of training centers and says that “significant money” will be available at the club’s site.

“And we also want the club just always to be successful and win a lot of the trophies,” he said.

“Competitive competition requires significant investment. The growth of the club’s business has helped bring in revenue to sustain that investment in a sustainable manner.

“Moreover, this approach has also allowed us to measure and know the amount of money that is being spent out. On world football transfers over the past five years. And to have one of the highest debt rates.

“As a direct result of our business venture. We have kept ticket prices accessible to all fans. And have not increased seasonal ticket prices for more than a decade.”

Attendees took these words seriously. And they were having spoken to many sources. 

The message presented by Glazer was good enough to ensure that the process would be repeated if the opportunity arose, as expected.

However, they were put in a precarious position to be aggressive enough to ask tough questions. 

But not so much that the club owners did not see the process as important. They were reiterating their determination to hold the Glazer family accountable.

Promises have been made, and negotiations have begun. All are now expecting the words to turn into action.

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