Joey Chestnut Wife Brie: Dating Life And Net Worth

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Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend, Brie, is his soon-to-be wife. The couple is engaged but hasn’t shared any of their engagement pictures. 

The American competitive eater, Joey Chestnut, is one of the best in his field and is ranked no.1 by Major League eating. He has previously been featured in YouTube star Mr. Beast’s video and has done videos with another famous competitive eater Matt Stonie. 

Joey Chestnut Pictured Celebrating After Smashing Another Eating Contest Earlier This Year In January
Joey Chestnut Pictured Celebrating After Smashing Another Eating Contest Earlier This Year In January (Source: Instagram)

At one point, Chestnut had decided to quit competitive eating contests and join a construction management company. But he didn’t give up, and today this field has made him a multi-millionaire. 

With the Fourth of July approaching us, Joey Chestnut is ready to get his hands dirty at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. It’ll be the 16th time Joey will be featured in the competition, which he hasn’t lost since 2015. 

Joey Chestnut Girlfriend, Brie, Is A Private Person

Joey Chestnut introduced his girlfriend, Brie, to the world in 2019. The competitive eater shared a picture of him and Brie on August 12, 2019, on his Instagram handle. 

The post came a week before Joey left home to prepare for the upcoming eating contests. Joey captioned the post, “Oysters, the beach, and my amazing babe… My last weekend at home for a while.” 

Joey Chestnut Pictured With Girlfriend/Future Wife Brie In 2019
Joey Chestnut Pictured With Girlfriend/Future Wife Brie In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Joey tagged his girlfriend in the post, but Brie has kept her Instagram handle private. Since then, Joey hasn’t shared a single post with Brie. 

In his latest interview with USA Today, Chestnut indicated he is now engaged with Brie. The website has written Chestnut lives with his fiance in Indianapolis. 

But before dating Brie, Joey was a man ready to get hitched. He was engaged to Neslie Ricasa, but sadly the former couple broke up a few weeks before their wedding.

Joey Chestnut And Neslie Ricasa Were Previously Engaged 

It certainly needs sheer confidence for a man to propose to his girlfriend in front of hundreds of people. And Joey Chestnut exactly did that in 2014.

At Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey went down on one knee as he asked his longtime girlfriend Neslie Ricasa’s hand in marriage. It was a big fat “Yes,” from Ricasa’s side, but the engagement broke off before their wedding. 

The video of Chestnut’s engagement proposal has been uploaded on YouTube, serving as a lasting memory to both the competitive eaters. 

Joey Chestnut Pictured With Former Fiance Neslie Ricasa In 2014
Joey Chestnut Pictured With Former Fiance Neslie Ricasa In 2014 (Source: Facebook)

Neslie Ricasa, like Joey Chestnut, was a competitive eater and ate 14 hot dogs and buns on the main stage at Coney in 2013. She also ate 59 dumplings in ten minutes at the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship.

The couple seems to have called it quits in 2016 as Neslie entered into a relationship with Drew Ely in 2017. She shared the news on her Facebook handle, and two years later, they tied the knot on August 3, 2019. 

The former exes seem to have happily moved on with their respective partners while maintaining privacy about it. 

Joey Chestnut Net Worth 

Joey Chestnut has a net worth of over $4 million. We aren’t speculating it, the competitive eater said it himself in an interview with USA Today. 

Chestnut said he has earned over $500,000 through competitive eating over the years. One of the main sources Chestnut makes his bag is from paid appearances and sponsorship deals. 

He signed with Everest Talent Management last year and has since earned several promotional deals. A few of his promotional deals include the likes of DUDE Wipes, Wonderful Pistachios, and Pepsi.

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