John Smoltz Wife Kathryn Darden: Married Life And Kids

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John Smoltz’s love story took a beautiful turn after his divorce from his first wife. He met Kathryn Darten on a blind date at Taco Mac in 2008, and their connection was something truly special.

John often describes her as a “Miracle from God,” reflecting how she brought back his belief in love and relationships.

They got married in 2009, marking the start of a new journey together. The couple are now proud parents of six children, including two from Kathryn’s previous marriage.

John Smoltz, A Former MLB Player
John Smoltz, A Former MLB Player (Source:

John Andrew Smoltz, also known as “Smoltzie” and “Marmaduke,” is a former American baseball pitcher with an impressive 22-season career in Major League Baseball.

Growing up in Warren, Michigan, John showcased his baseball talent since childhood and was involved in sports during high school.

After transferring from Lansing Catholic High School, he spent two successful seasons at Waverly High School.

Although he initially committed to playing baseball at Michigan State University, Smoltz later decided to turn professional.

John Smoltz’s journey in professional baseball began when he was chosen by the Detroit Tigers in the 22nd round of the 1985 amateur draft. He was selected as the 574th pick in that draft. 

John Smoltz Wife, Kathryn Darden

John Smoltz and Kathryn Darden’s love story is quite unique. They first met on a blind date at Taco Mac and developed a deep connection that led to marriage.

They tied the knot on May 16, 2009, at Smoltz’s home in Alpharetta, Georgia. The couple has been happily married for 14 years.

John Smoltz With His Wife
John Smoltz With His Wife (Source: Getty Image)

Before marrying John, Kathryn Darden was previously married to Todd Dwight Waters. They got married on July 3, 1993, in Alachua, Florida.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended after 15 years. With her relationship with Todd, Kathryn had two daughters named Sara and Ashley. Currently, both of Kathryn’s daughters live with their mother and stepfather, John. 

John and Kathryn are now guardians to six children, two children from Kathryn’s previous relationship and four children from John’s previous relationship. 

Over the years, they have built a loving and strong family. Neither John nor Kathryn are active on social media. 

John Was Previously Married To Dyan Struble

Before his marriage to Kathryn Darden, John Smoltz was previously married to Dyan Stuble for sixteen years. John and Dyan fell in love and got married in 1997. During their marriage, they were blessed with four children: three daughters and one son.

The couple shared a strong bond, and together, they established the John and Dyan Smoltz Foundation in 1997.

Through their foundation, they played a significant role in raising funds for the Kings Ridge Christian School, which was co-founded by John in suburban Alpharetta.

Dyan Struble With His Husband Russ Caso
Dyan Struble With His Husband Russ Caso (Source: Twitter)

The foundation aimed to provide assistance to Christian agencies and churches, contribute to elementary and secondary education, and address issues related to food and hunger relief.

However, their marriage took an unexpected turn when they announced their divorce in 2007. The exact reasons behind their divorce have not been publicly disclosed.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, John and Dyan have moved on in their life, and both of them have remarried.

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