Joie Chavis Parents And Ethnicity: All About Trevon Diggs Girlfriend

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Joie Chavis Parents: American football quarterback Trevon Diggs is currently dating famous social media influencer Joie Chavis.

His girlfriend, Joie, is an internet personality with 2 million followers on Instagram and over 900K followers on TikTok.

With her rising popularity, her fans and admirers are eager to unravel details about her personal life, including her parents and ethnicity. 

Social Media Influencer - Joie Chavis
Popular Social Media Influencer – Joie Chavis (Source: Instagram) 

Trevon Digg‘s girlfriend, Joie Chavis, is a highly successful influencer on social media, known for her expertise in dance and beauty.

Additionally, her dedication to health and physical well-being is evident through her health, beauty, and fitness business, known as “Joie in Life.”

The social media star’s fame largely stems from her romantic connections, notably her relationships with renowned rappers like Bow Wow, Future, and Diddy.

The Instagram model is a mother of two children: a daughter named Shai Moss with Bow Wow and a son named Hendrix Wilburn with Future.

Who Are Joie Chavis Parents?

Mary Chavis and Peter Chavis are the parents of social media influencer Joie Chavis.

Her father, Peter, was a chef in California, and her older sister, Phatara Chavis, attained recognition as a hairstylist for celebrities.

Joie’s parents were residents of Torrance, California, U.S.A., where Joie was born.

Baby Joie Chavis with her mother Mary Chavis
Baby Joie Chavis Held By Her Mother Mary Chavis (Source: Naijaonpoint)

Even though they are the parents of a widely recognized influencer, limited information is available about the couple.

Surprisingly, Joie has refrained from posting about her parents on any social media platform.

Ironically, it appears that the parents of a social media influencer are not enthusiasts of social media and prefer to maintain a private life.

However, it has been reported that Joie’s parents belong to two distinct ethnic backgrounds.

While her mother, Mary, comes from an African ethnic background, her father, Peter Chavis, is of white ethnicity.

With that, Joie has a mixed ethnical background due to the diverse ethnicities of both her mom and dad.

Joie’s Relationship With Boyfriend Trevon Diggs

After continuous rumors swirling for months, Joie finally confirmed her romantic connection with 25-year-old Dallas Cowboys star Diggs.

However, she had been talking about their relationship on her Instagram before their official announcement. 

Adding fuel to the rumors, Joie shared a video of her support for Trevon with a cup featuring his image during one of his football games against the Detroit Lions.

The video gained widespread circulation online, with fans enthusiastically interpreting it as confirming their relationship.

Social Media Influencer Joie Chavis With Boyfriend Trevon Diggs
Social Media Influencer Joie Chavis With Boyfriend Trevon Diggs (Source: Shutterstock)

Although both Joie and Trevon had refrained from addressing dating speculations, the mother of Digg’s child, Yasmine Lopez, asserted in July that the two were involved romantically.

Nevertheless, Trevon openly showcases his relationship with the social media star on his Instagram account.

He shared pictures of their moments a few weeks ago, captioned with an expressive “I’m truly grateful for you.”

Their dedication to their relationship is evident, as they consistently express their love on social media platforms.

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