Jon Anik Wife Chrissy Anik: Married Life And Kids

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Jon Anik wife must be credited for making the Anik household a haven of love and happiness. Chrissy has maintained a successful career while nurturing a thriving family life.

The pair are still deeply in love after more than a decade of togetherness. They have created an unbreakable bond with their three wonderful children.

Let’s go through the remarkable life of Jon Anik, both in and outside the octagon.

Jon Anik In A Ring
Jon Anik In A Ring (Source: Instagram)

Jon Anik is a renowned American mixed martial arts commentator in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A play-by-play commentator, Anik is known for his insightful analysis and charismatic on-air presence.

He is a Boston, Massachusetts, native who has an identical twin brother and two other siblings. Anik is a political journalism graduate from Gettysburg College.

Anik worked in the sports department of The MetroWest Daily News prior to his stint with ESPN.

He spent more than five years anchoring on ESPN and joined the UFC as a commentator in 2012. 

Jon Anik Wife: Chrissy Anik

Anik is married to his beautiful wife, Chrissy Kowal Anik. Jon and Chrissy have been together for many years, and their relationship has grown stronger.

While Anik’s professional success is unquestionable, thanks to Chrissy, his personal life is equally fulfilling.

Jon Anik And Chrissy At A Party
Jon Anik And Chrissy At A Party (Source: Instagram)

Chrissy is a dedicated and passionate teacher who plays a vital role in shaping young minds. She was born on April 25, 1980.

Seeing how great of a mom she is, we can assume that she is very committed to education and has inspired many of her students.

In addition, Chrissy has also served as a pillar of support for Anik throughout his career. He claims that nothing in his life would be quite as good without his beloved wife.

Anik spends hundreds of nights a year without his family as per the demands of his busy schedule. Chrissy, being a real trooper, handles the absence of her husband gracefully.

It is the reason why Anik joked in an Instagram post advising his followers to marry a teacher if they don’t like doing homework.

Jokes apart, the UFC commentator appreciates her hard work, patience, acceptance, and love. 

Jon Anik Kids: Riley, Tatum, and Hunter

Anik is a dedicated family man who always prioritizes spending quality time with his three wonderful children.

The eldest daughter of Jon and Chrissy, Riley, was born on August 6, 2011. She has a keen interest in reading and is good to her younger siblings.

Likewise, the Aniks welcomed their second daughter, Tatum, in Las Vegas on April 23, 2013. She brings color, kindness, humor, affection, and good energy to the family, as per the dad.

Jon Anik With His Kids
Jon Anik With His Kids (Source: Instagram)

Finally, Hunter, the youngest of the three, was born on June 24, 2018. The kindergartener is already flying to see UFC live event with his father.

There is no greater joy than being a dad, according to Anik, and he feels privileged to be one. His role as a loving father is as impressive as his prowess behind the microphone.

As Anik is always on the run, maintaining a successful career while nurturing a thriving family life is a great deal for him. 

So far, Jon’s commitment to his loved ones remains steadfast. He is constantly adjusting his schedule or finding creative ways to connect with his kids between travels.

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