Jon Scheyer Sister: Meet Brooke And Jenifer Scheyer- Age Gap

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Jon Scheyer is the youngest sibling in his family and grew up with two sisters named Brooke and Jenifer.

His sisters are now married with kids and doing very well in their professional lives. 

Jon Scheyer Shaking Hand With His Opponent After A Match
Jon Scheyer Shaking Hand With His Opponent After A Match (Source: Instagram)

Jonathan James Scheyer is a basketball coach born on August 24, 1987, in Northbrook, Illinois.

On top of being a basketball coach, he used to be a professional basketball player. Scheyer once led his high school team to the Illinois State basketball championship as a player. 

The Illinois-born was a high school All-American and captain of the 2009-10 Duke Blue Devils. Scheyer won the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championship as a college All-American.

He was a prolific high school scorer and later an Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) leader in various statistical categories.

Scheyer was a member of the Miami Heat’s 19-man NBA Las Vegas Summer League roster in 2010. In the team’s first game, he scored the game-winning shot.

Later, he went on to play in several leagues both at home and overseas. He then started coaching at the Duke’s men’s basketball staff in 2013.

Meet Jon Scheyer Sister, Brooke & Jenifer

Jon is the youngest of three children, with two elder sisters, Brooke and Jenifer. Being the youngest, he must have been showered with love in the family. 

Brooke has a distinguished professional history in program development and community engagement.

She is currently the managing director and also the head of network programs at a company named BDT & Company, LLC. 

When going through her LinkedIn page, it’s seen that she has held this position for nearly six years since joining the firm in August 2016.

Jon Scheyer's Elder Sister Brook With Her Teddy
Jon Scheyer’s Elder Sister Brook With Her Teddy (Source: Instagram)

Brooke also served as the director of programming at Chicago Ideas Week before joining BDT & Company.

There, she engaged with the broader community to develop innovative, engaging, and thought-provoking programs that stimulate curiosity and inspire action.

Regarding her education, she attended the University of Texas in Austin. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts degree, majoring in English and History. 

His other sister, Jenifer Scheyer Resnick, lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is married to her husband, Danny Resnick.

Additionally, the couple has two cute children together: a son and a daughter. 

Who Are His Parents? 

Jim Scheyer, Jon’s father, is the Chief Operating Officer at Ullo, a food and beverage company he has worked for since its beginning in 2015.

He is a C-Suite Department’s Operations Executive Team member and holds a C-level management position.

Jim received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Tulane University. He has also worked as a Chief Executive Officer for several years in several firms.

Jon Scheyer's Parents Celebrating His Father's Birthday
Jon Scheyer’s Parents Celebrating His Father’s Birthday (Source: Instagram)

Jim was President of JBJ Partners from 1996 to 2002 before becoming President and Chief Operating Officer of Uniek.

Additionally, he served as a company officer for MCS Industries for seven years. He also spent two years as the Chief Executive Officer of View Enterprises and DCWW.

Laury Scheyer has served on the Duke Eye Center Advisory Board. She has worked there since 2013 and specializes in eye treatment.

Furthermore, Jon has inherited an Israeli nationality from his Jewish parents.

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