Jordan Shipley Brother Jaxon Shipley: Age Gap And Family Tree

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Jordan Shipley, a former American football wide receiver, shared the same enthusiasm for sports with his younger brother, Jaxon Shipley.

Jaxon, a former professional football player, is widely famous for playing college football at the University of Texas at Austin for the Texas Longhorns.  

Despite his impressive college career, the younger Shipley unfortunately could not achieve similar success as Jordan in the National Football League (NLF).

Though they earned their share of fame and fortune in the realm of sports, the Shipley brothers are very close and support each other.

Former NFL Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley
Former NFL Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley (Source: Instagram)

Jordan Shipley is a former American wide receiver from Temple, Texas. He was one of the established players in the NFL.

The product of the University of Texas began his career as a standout player for the Longhorns attended his career as a standout player for Texas Longhorns football team.

After a successful college career, Jordan was selected in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals and later continued his NFL journey with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Furthermore, Shipley joined the Jacksonville Jaguars and played wide receiver from 2012 to 2013. 

On February 18, 2014, the Texas native made an announcement of his retirement from the world of football. However, Jordan Shipley’s NFL career was relatively short but notable.

Jordan Shipley Brother Jaxon Shipley

Jaxon Shipley is also a former professional football player with an impressive college football career.

Like his older brother Jordan, he also attended the University of Texas and played for the Texas Longhorns football team.

The former wide receiver is still known for his route-running ability, dependable hands, and, most notably, his commendable game ethics. 

Former WR Jaxon Shipley
Former WR Jaxon Shipley (Source: 247Sports)

After playing at the university for four years, Jaxon started his football journey professionally. 

One of his career highlights came in 2015 when the Arizona Cardinals selected him as an undrafted rookie free agent, and he spent some time in the training camp.

Despite proving their potential, the Shipley brothers didn’t have a long and remarkable NFL career. Sadly, their injuries shattered their dream to dominate the football field.

Currently, both the brothers are working as real estate agents. While Jordan is the broker/owner of Shipley Ranches, the younger one, with their dad, serves as the sales agent.

Jordan Shipley Age Gap With Brother And Family Tree

Born on December 23, 1985, Jordan Shipley is the eldest child of his parents, Bob Shipley and Sharon Shipley. 

The younger one, Jaxon Shipley, was born on July 17, 1992, which means that the two former player brothers have an age gap of 7 years. 

Both siblings grew up in their hometown, playing sports under the guidelines of their athletic dad. Their father, Bob, was the head coach of Burnet High School. 

Moreover, the former athletics director was a football analyst in the player personnel department at Texas. 

Jordan and Jaxon Shipley Family
Jordan and Jaxon Shipley Family (Source: Instagram)

While the siblings’ father helped them to improve their skills, their mother, Sharon, played the role of a supportive mother. 

Unfortunately, the Shipley family lost their biggest fan and supporter on January 10, 2022.

That day, the mother went missing by 3 p.m. after checking herself out of a treatment center in Abilene.

The family was shattered when her body was found in Kirby Lake in Abilene, Texas. However, the cause of her death is not clear. 

After losing a mother, Jordan and Jaxon became the pillars of strength for their sisters, Shelby Nunez and Addie Jane Thomas, and their father.

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