Jordan Walsh Brother Joshua: Parents And Family Tree

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Jordan Walsh’s brother, Joshua Walsh, has taken an artistic route in his career. Joshua is his twin and the only sibling of the rising NBA prospect.

The 20-year-old Razorbacks player has decided to leave Arkansas after only a year.

Jordan Walsh has made it clear that making it to the big leagues has always been the goal. Now he definitely feels this is his moment. 

Jordan Walsh Pictured With His Father, John And Brother Joshua In March 2023
Jordan Walsh Pictured With His Father, John, And Brother Joshua In March 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The youngster will join the likes of Brandon Miller and Victor Wembenyama in the 2023 NBA Draft. The teenager has trained with Oklahoma City Thunder, and they might possibly be his future NBA home. 

The 6ft 7-star athlete has been ranked as the no.39 prospect in ESPN’s draft projections. And recently said once he gets out of Arkansas, he will be in a position where there won’t be any handcuffs. 

Jordan Walsh Brother, Joshua Walsh 

Jordan Walsh’s brother, Joshua Walsh, is his twin and, unlike him, doesn’t hold much interest in basketball. But what he does have a great interest in is art. 

Joshua is available on Instagram with the username @jwalshtwin and has shared a few of his artworks.

The young artist is open for summer commissions and has given details to his customers on the amount he charges in one of his posts. 

Sandra Shared The Graduation Picture Of Joshua Last Year In 2022
Sandra Shared The Graduation Picture Of Joshua Last Year In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Like his brother, Joshua is currently a student at the University of Arkansas, and the brothers celebrated turning 19 on March 3. 

Unlike his twin, Joshua wasn’t blessed with tall genetics, as his head is nearer to his brother’s neck. That could also be one of the reasons why he didn’t choose basketball.  

Jordan Walsh Parents, John, And Sandra Walsh 

Jordan Walsh’s parents, John and Sandra Walsh, raised two boys in Dallas, Texas.

The husband-wife duo of Sandra and John are available on Instagram and keep on sharing clips of Jordan’s game on their handle. 

Sandra is available with the username @jwalshmom and has only shared a few posts, with all the posts dedicated to their son. 

John And Sandra Pictured With Their Son In 2022 At Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Program
John And Sandra Pictured With Their Son In 2022 At Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Program (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, John has shared many posts of his son’s on-field achievements but has given a few glimpses of their family life. He previously shared a video from his and Sandra’s trip to Barcelona and that to Hawaii. 

The couple has never stated their profession during interviews but appears to be working parents.

John might also be a graduate of Indiana University, having previously shared wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity jersey.

Sandra And John Reaction To Jordan Choosing Arkansas

In 2021, as Jordan committed to the University of Arkansas, the couple was on board with their son’s decision.

One of the reasons Sarah was happy with their son’s decision was due to coach Muss. He kept the communication flowing with the Walsh family since 2020.

John agreed with his better half. He explained he was happy with how Arkansas had handled the recruiting process. John further went on to say he got positive vibes from all the staff involved at Arkansas. 

One of the other things that the Walsh family was highly appreciative of in Arkansas was their fanbase. John said the fanbase played a large role in why his son chose it in the first place.

Sandra described the fanbase as ferociously supportive, which holds true for them. They talked about Jordan’s choice in detail during an interview with Whole Hog Sports. 

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