Josh Jacobs Parents Marty And Lachelle Jacobs: Siblings & Family

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Josh Jacobs, a popular NFL star, never received love from both his parents, Marty and Lachelle Jacobs, as they separated when he was just eight years old.

He had a difficult childhood following his parents’ separation, as his father faced various challenges in trying to provide even their basic necessities.

The difficult phase of Josh’s early life and his dad’s sacrifices inspires him to never give up and work with dedication to achieve his current success. 

Josh Jacobs Donning The Raiders Jersey
Josh Jacobs Donning The Raiders Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Joshua Jacobs is 26-year old football player of African-American heritage. He currently plays as a running back for Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL.

The Tulsa native enrolled at McLain High School, where his football journey started. Later, he attended the University of Alabama (2016-2018) in order to start his college career.

Josh showed his brilliance right from the start with excellent stat and speed. But despite all that didn’t get any recruiting attention.

He stated, “I was always under the radar; you didn’t see me on paper or anything.” Moreover, Josh believed it was because of the mark of where he came from.

Jacobs went to the NFL in 2019 by getting drafted at no.24. Currently, he is a franchise player for the Raiders and also was NFL rushing yards leader, Jim Brown award recipient, and a First-team All-Pro in 2022.

Meet Josh Jacobs’ Parents: Marty and Lachelle Jacobs

Josh Jacobs and his four siblings had a rough childhood. Their parents, Marty and Lachelle Jacobs, went through an ugly legal custody battle in 2006, and his father got full custody.

This led him to reside with his dad, and the family’s financial situation worsened further. At one point, they were homeless and even lived in Marty’s car, moving from one motel to another.

At the present time, Jacobs is the pillar of strength for his family. He has definitely made his parents proud, achieving current success. 

Father Marty Jacobs And His Sacrifice

Josh Jacobs is certainly an established figure as one of the best running backs in the league. He owes much of his success to his father, Marty Jacobs.

When Josh was eight, his parents went through a rough separation as Josh’s mother filed for a divorce. His father won custody of Josh and his siblings. 

Josh Jacobs And His Father Marty Jacobs
Josh Jacobs And His Father Marty Jacobs (Source: Google)

However, Marty didn’t have any economic support. They were homeless when Josh was in middle school, and he became hugely impacted by that experience.

Nonetheless, Marty managed to keep his kids content. With the will to protect their destiny, he sacrificed his own dreams and made sure his children were getting enough of every possible thing for a bright future.

Witnessing his dad’s tears, Josh made a promise to himself that he would buy him a home. In 2020, he fulfilled that promise and purchased his dad a house in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Josh Jacobs’ Mother Lachelle

Josh’s mother, Lachelle, is 46-year old. She did not live with her kids after the divorce.

Nonetheless, she could not stop herself from expressing her overwhelming emotions upon Josh’s signing day.

Currently, Lachelle resides in Tulsa and works as the L&T Coordinator for Alamo Car Rental.

Josh Jacobs’ Siblings

Jacobs’ was spent his childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with his four siblings. His elder sister Shaleya Renne Jacobs is married now married to her husband, David Rene.

Jacobs Siblings In Their Childhood
Jacobs Siblings In Their Childhood (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his younger brother Isaiah Jacobs is a fellow athlete and plays for the UAB Blazers. He is also a running back and previously played for Maryland Terrapins.

Likewise, his other brother Marty Jacobs Jr. is involved in the rap scene, according to his Instagram.

Apart from that, he also has the oldest half-brother Christopher.

Josh Jacobs Is An Advocate of Housing For All

The NFL star is an active voice against the rising problem of homelessness in America.

The Super Bowl commercial by KIA featured his story of youth. Jacobs raises awareness of the issues faced by homeless people in poor communities.

“Sometimes I wonder what I’d tell my younger self if I ever saw him,” Jacobs says. He further motivates the youngsters to believe in themselves and be tougher than the world around them.


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