Josh Jung Brother Jace Jung: Family And Parents

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Josh Jung’s brother, Jace Jung, was drafted in the first round by the Detroit Tigers in 2022. The Jung Brothers are considered one of the most talented sibling pair in MLB.

In 2022, the two brothers made history. It was the first time in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects ranking that two brothers were on the list at the same time. 

Josh Shares A Throwback Photo Of Him And Jace On The Occasion Of Jace Being Drafted In 2022
Josh Shares A Throwback Photo Of Him And Jace On The Occasion Of Jace Being Drafted In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Josh made his MLB debut with the Texas Rangers last year against Toronto Blue Jays, scoring a home run in his first at-bat. During his short MLB career, Josh has been named AL Rookie of The Month twice.

The 26-year-old has already crept up to third in the Texas batting lineup. It is to be seen whether, in the coming years, with his teammates Nathaniel Lowe and Robbie Grossman, Josh can deliver the Rangers its first Word Series Title. 

Josh Jung, Brother Jace Jung 

Josh Jung’s brother, Jace Jung, is two years younger than his brother and is part of the Detroit Tigers organization. 

Last year in the 2022 MLB Draft, Jace was the 12th overall selection, falling only four positions behind his older brother.

Like his brother, Jace graduated from Texas Tech University, joining the college right after his brother left.

Jace Jung Visits Comerica Park After Being Drafted By The Detroit Tigers In 2022
Jace Jung Visits Comerica Park After The Detroit Tigers Draft Him In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

While at Texas Tech, Jace led his side to two NCAA tournaments and had an OPS of 1.093 in his final season with Texas Tech. Currently, Jace plays for West Michigan Whitecaps, the High-A affiliate team of the Detroit Tigers.

Speaking with the MLB website in 2022, Jace said he doesn’t mind being compared to his older brother. But Jace always had a feeling if he went the same route as Josh, would he ever live up to the expectations?

He not only lived up to the expectations but has surpassed them. Now, Jace awaits his MLB debut, which doesn’t look far from the way he is playing with the Whitecaps. 

Talking about his life away from the baseball diamond, Jace is currently in a relationship with Reagan Weirich. Recently, the couple celebrated their first anniversary. 

Josh Jung Parents: Jeff And Mary Jung

Josh Jung’s parents, Jeff and Mary Jung, are both educators. The Texas couple is one of those few parents who can proudly say they had two sons drafted in the first round of MLB.

Jeff and Mary Jung are graduates of the University of Texas at Austin. Jeff has been a longtime high school football and baseball coach. He previously worked as an assistant coach for San Antonio MacArthur. 

Jeff Jung is currently a maths teacher and coach at Northeast Independent School District. In an interview with Lubbockonline, Jeff recalled the moment that inspired Josh to take up baseball.

Josh Jung With Parents Jeff And Mary And Younger Brother Jace Jung Pictured In Rangers Gear In 2019
Josh Jung With Parents, Jeff And Mary, And Younger Brother, Jace Jung, Pictured In Rangers Gear In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Jeff and Mary, the University of Texas graduates, followed the Texas Longhorns baseball team to see them compete in the College World Series.

During one of those trips with their family, their son Josh said he wanted to do something similar. 

His mother, Mary Jung, is a PE teacher at NEISD and, to this date, can’t believe how far her son has come in his baseball career. She talked about it recently in a conversation with FOX29.

Mary said her son was providing the family with many pinch-me moments. Seeing Josh win the AL Rookie of The Month was a huge moment for Mary.

But seeing his name on the ballot for the All-Star game was an even greater achievement in her eyes.

The two were present to watch their son’s debut against Toronto Blue Jays and saw him hit a home run at his very first at-bat.

The two will soon gear up for their younger son’s MLB debut. Only time will tell whether it will have the same iconic moment as Josh’s debut. Nonetheless, Jeff and Mary are proud parents of high-achieving kids.

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